How to Build an On-demand Pediatrics App? (Step-by-Step Guide)

On-Demand Pediatrics App Development

Are you a healthcare professional?

Or are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for break-through opportunities in the healthcare sector?

We all know that even amidst the horrific coronavirus pandemic, the only industry booming this year is the healthcare industry. So, it’s only wise that you plan a strategic business that strengthens the healthcare industry.

There’s no denying the fact that the pandemic has changed our social and economic paradigm. Ever since the pandemic hit, we’ve been following a new set of rules, which have never been structured.

Though online theorists predicted the world would become digital, no one knew it’d be so soon!

Since the last few months, we’ve seen how:

  1. Offline education transitioned to online classes and boosted e-learning
  2. Offline corporate setup can work efficiently and collaborate remotely
  3. Online shopping has metamorphosed into a new way of shopping and boosted e-commerce

Well, this is the NEW NORMAL for everyone across continents now!

Our social dynamics have changed. People are doing everything possible from the comfort of their homes to avoid unnecessary travel and physical interaction. Every industry had to bear the brunt of the economic downfall. But there is one universal industry that has continuously been evolving amidst this pandemic. And that is the healthcare sector.

People are avoiding regular visits to the local pharmacy for their consultation. They are switching over to ordering medicines online. More than ever, people are looking for alternatives online, even to consult pediatricians.

These new changes have scoped a new trend of Doctor-on-demand apps, prescription delivery apps, and pediatrics on-demand apps worldwide.

The new developments have resulted in the flourishing of the two markets like never before:

  1. Telemedicine – When the Doctor uses a telecommunication platform to provide consultation to the Patient or subscribe to them medicine, it is known as telemedicine. It is also known as remote clinical services.
  2. Telehealth – A widely accepted and a new norm, here the Doctor uses electric tools or telecommunication technologies to provide healthcare services. It is also known as private non-clinical services.

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But you don’t have to believe us just yet. Check out what others have to say about the recent developments in the healthcare sector:

“Since this Covid-19 pandemic has begun, 42% of the Americans have used telehealth,” as issued in the reports Mckinsey’s reports..

“Before the Covid-19 outbreaks, only 11% of consumers preferred to use telehealth, but during this outbreak, the numbers have surged up to 76%,” as depicted in Mckinsey’s reports.

“In the next 18 months, 90% of the hospitals and health care organizations are looking to invest in the telehealth technologies and service plan,” according to FIERCE healthcare.

“There is a massive boom in the U.S. telehealth market, and it is expected to reach a whopping USD 2.8 billion by the year 2022,” as reported by Grand View Research Inc.

“Before this pandemic, the telemedicine globe market was valued around USD 45 billion, but now, after this pandemic by 2026, it is expected to be valued around over USD 175 billion,” according to reports by Statista.

Can you imagine how proliferating business opportunities are in the healthcare sector?

Well, if you search for these services in your locality, you might not find any at first, or even if they are, they might not be that good at providing the in-demand services.

Unlike some other industries which got a colossal blow from this Covid-19 pandemic, you can be the next person in your country who can improve the health care system, and at the same time, make a fortune for yourself and your startup!

Well, here we will explain exactly how both of them can be integrated and how once appropriately utilized, it can result in your benefits!

There are many options to integrate that, but we recommend developing and launching your pediatrics on-demand app.

How can you do that? Let’s discuss that briefly:

What is a Pediatrics On-demand App?

It is a versatile medical platform.

It falls under the category of both a telemedicine and telehealth niche. It provides a platform for Doctors and Patients to connect and have medical consultation sessions via telecommunication to offer urgent pediatric care.

With a pediatrics app, anyone can connect with Doctors to diagnose your health and well-being.

This on-demand app is not only limited to just diagnosis, but it also enables a Patient to have a cost-effective, hassle-free, and quick medical service. Patients can avail of these services from their home’s comfort by connecting with a skilled and professional Pediatrician through this app. Now, as a Patient, you don’t even have to visit the emergency room and wait in a long queue!

An emergency can strike anywhere: it doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday or a weekend, day or night. Through this app, a Patient can connect with the expert via video call or chat 365 days a year using the pediatrics on-demand app without worrying about visiting or making a prior appointment.

Apart from these facilities, using a pediatrics app is also a great benefit for the Doctors. Because through this:

  1. They can handle their appointments from their homes, too
  2. They can manage their time easily
  3. They can help their Patients from anywhere and anytime

It’s a win-win situation for both the patient and the Doctor.

Building a pediatrics app will automatically be a step forward in improving the health care infrastructure, and you can also make a successful startup out of it.

Now, it’s your time to be an early opportunist and make the world come out of this Covid-19 struck scenario!

If you are ready to cash in on this opportunity, you might think the next question:

How can I develop this on-demand pediatrics mobile app?

Should I develop it myself, or should I take help from experienced professionals?

As a matter of fact, let’s figure out:

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How to develop a Pediatrics on-demand app?

One thing that you should know beforehand is that the app development process is not an easy task.

It takes perfection and professionalism to develop a full-fledged on-demand pediatrics app that can handle the various Doctors’ and Patients’ interactions.

There are numerous steps involved.

If you want to do it yourself, either you must be skilled enough to build it, or you will need to have a professional team of coders and extraordinary thinkers. And this might cost you. A lot

But, not to worry.

There is also a cost-effective way to build a well-designed pediatrics on-demand.

We at SKEIN TECHNOLOGIES can help you with the app development process of this project.

You need to share your vision with us, and we’ll turn it into reality.

Being professionals in software development, developing a hardcore pediatrics on-demand app is an effortless job for our team of IT experts.

Whichever way you choose, here we will discuss the various steps involved in the app development process and get your app launched to the masses as soon as possible:

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Step 1. Make a clear plan

Before you even begin with the app development process, you need to answer a few questions like:

  1. What will your app look like?
  2. What features do you want to include?
  3. What mission and vision you’re trying to fulfill through your app?
  4. What alarming problems can your app solve?

To make your app better than those out there, you must perform thorough market and competition research.

But if you don’t have a comprehensive plan, you will feel lost or uncertain about building your brand. Here comes the need to find out the feature gaps in other apps you can include in your app. Fill that gap by making it your USP and make it stand out among the rest of on-demand pediatrics apps.

It will help you lay the foundation for a successful enterprise and transform your app into a brand.

Step 2. Manage your budget wisely

Once your plan is ready and you are clear about what your app should do, it’s time to look at the budget aspect.

You need to figure out your budget for the project.

Are you looking to fund your app yourself?

Or do you plan on raising money for it?

Maybe you already have some investors interested in this idea?

This step is equally important because hiring a professional team for yourself can be costly for you.

You have to go through the hectic hiring process, give them an impressive salary or additional perks. And this can spike your project cost.

On the other hand, we at SKEIN TECHNOLOGIES can handle your project according to your budget.

First, our planning and management experts will figure out the best you can get within your budget, and then our development team will start working on your pediatrics on-demand app.

So once you are clear on your budget, it is time to move on to the next step:

Step 3. Paperwork

We’ll sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with you once all the planning and budget are set for your project.

This way, all your intellectual properties and app ideas are safe with us, as you are the proprietor of your ideas.

> Contact us and Get a free estimation for building your app

Step 4. Your pediatrics on-demand app development starts

With all the paperwork done, our development team will focus on your project’s nitty-gritty development aspects.

This process consists of the design, development, and testing of your pediatrics on-demand app.


Our developers will complete the user interface and user experience and your pediatrics on-demand app’s overall strategy in this step.

We will provide you with all the initial prototypes and mock-ups of your app.

Only after your approval and satisfaction with the app’s design and flow will our team begin coding your app.


After the design is approved, we’ll work on enhancing this app and develop a strategy.

Then, we’ll present you with a draft or mock-up of everything we’ve built. Although there can be some inevitable glitches or bugs left, you don’t have to worry as we have one more process in this step to get everything rightly working for you.


To make sure you get a properly functioning app, our team will go through rigorous testing to find all the bugs or glitches, and then resolve them.

Our Quality Assurance team at SKEIN TECHNOLOGIES will make sure you are satisfied with the app’s development, and if there are any reconsiderations to be done, we’ll put it into practice.

Step 5. Your app is ready to debut

Once you approve the final product and feel satisfied with it, we will help you launch your app in different marketplaces like Google’s play store (Android application) or Apple’s app store (IOS).

Once it is launched, you can start your marketing process. Now, your users or customers (Doctors and Patients) can connect.

But wait, wait, wait…

You don’t have to depend on us for each and everything once you’ve launched the app. We hand over full control of the app and all the assets associated with it, every mock-up, design, draft, privacy credentials, files, database, and every record of your app!

With this, you are now aware of what steps are necessary to create and launch your app.

Now, it’s time to take this discussion deeper and talk about what all components and features your app should include:

Core Components and Features of a Pediatrics on-demand app

The first thing you need to keep in mind when you are about to figure out all the components and features of your app is:

Your target audience!

For a pediatrics app, the audience will include parents looking to connect with pediatricians for their kids.

But you have to keep in mind that the Doctors who get on board with you should also have a fantastic experience while using your service

So, it would be best if you made sure that your Patients and Doctors can get in touch with each other within a few clicks, without any hassle.

Now let’s explore the details of your pediatrics app. In the case of your pediatrics on-demand app, you require three components so that all of your users can avail benefits from your service

  1. Doctor’s App
  2. Patient’s App
  3. Web Portal

These are the three interfaces that your app must include for it to be beneficial to the target audience.

Here are the details about each of these interfaces individually:

Doctor’s App

As the name indicates, the Doctor’s App’s interface should include certain features available and helpful only to the Doctors.

Some of these features include:

Reject or accept an appointment

A very necessary feature for Doctors; this will allow them to manage their appointments and be on schedule with the consultations.

The Doctor’s App should allow the Doctors to accept or reject the Patient’s application request according to their availability.

In case of an emergency, it should allow the Doctors to reschedule their appointments and handle the Patient who needs immediate assistance.

Video call

The Doctor’s App should allow Doctors to video call their Patients.

The video-calling facility will help the Doctors keep track of the Patients’ symptoms to help them with the right advice at the right time.

Chat option within the app

This feature will enable the Doctors to have a conversation with their Patients about their reviewed tests, treatment plans, prescribed medicines, etc.

Imagine its usefulness for Doctors and Patients when all can be done without physically visiting the clinic or hospital!

Patient’s App

This interface will include specific features helpful only to the Patients. Some features of this app should consist of:

Doctors’ search

Using the Doctor’s App, a Patient should be able to search and request an appointment with the concerned Doctor. It can be done by just a simple name search or searching the type of Doctor they need. For example, if they need ENT, or child therapists, ophthalmologists,

physiotherapists, they should write this as a keyword and tap on the search to see the various Doctors on the screen’s list.

The search should display the related search results, and the Patient should be able to choose the Doctor according to their personal preference.

Schedule an appointment with the Doctor

After the search, the Patient should be able to check the Doctor’s availability and book an appointment with the preferred Doctor.

Reminders for appointment

After booking an appointment for a specific date and time, the app should be able to send reminder notifications to the app’s subscribers to alert them well in advance to adjust their schedules.

This feature is a must because it’s easy to forget things in the fast world we live in today.

Video calls

No one would risk their lives by taking their child to pediatric care centers or clinics, owing to the pandemic.

Here, enabling a video call feature in the app will smoothen the Patient’s process to have a virtual consultation with the expert Doctor directly.

Chat with the app

Having this feature within the app will enable patients to have a conversation with the Doctor regarding queries that don’t need a consultation. You can also use this feature as a prescription delivery app.

Delivery of prescribed medicines

As we know that Covid-19 is spreading like fire in the forest, so going out to a drug store is not safe for most Patients.

So, including a feature within the app, whereby Patients can buy medicines prescribed by the doctor through the app, is nothing short of a blessing.

Also, it can be a helpful feature, even post-Covid-19. Because, well, who doesn’t want necessary stuff delivered to their doorstep?

Web portal

A web portal is your work personal spaceship.

The admin controls the web portal, so it can also be termed as the admin panel.

In this panel, the admin should be able to regulate all the activities of Doctors and Patients.

It must include certain features like:

Management of Doctors

The admin should have access to every detail of the registered Doctor, like his/her number of appointments, profile, specialty, and other information.

Admin should have access to add or remove profiles from the Doctor’s database from within the admin portal.

Management of Patients

Admin should be able to add, remove, and manage Patients’ profiles from the Patients’ database.

The admin should also be able to keep a check on Patients’ previous medical history, appointments, and other information.

Availability check

This option should allow the admin to check for the Doctors’ availability on behalf of the Patients.

If some Patient has to reschedule or cancel the appointment, the admin should be able to schedule and book appointments accordingly.

With the app’s features out of the way, it’s time to list down the advantages and disadvantages your pediatric on-demand app will have on the general public.

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Pros and Cons of pediatrics on-demand app



It will save the Patients’ travelling costs as they can consult their chosen Doctors from their home’s comfort via chat or video conferencing.

Effective patient care

Patients can get proper primary care, as pediatrics on-demand apps are Patient-centric apps.

With this app now, there is no need for a waiting room. For those who need urgent care, everything can be done from within this mobile app—from prescription delivery, generating a treatment plan, scheduling an appointment with the Doctor. Through this on-demand app, you can just virtually walk in into a health facility and avoid the unnecessary real-life hassle like filling up the form or waiting in a long queue.

It will improve the health infrastructure of your city and eventually of the country.


The coronavirus outbreak is a big concern for people these days, and no one wants to risk their life by going outdoor without any emergency.

So a pediatric on-demand app’s virtual consultation will ensure the safety of everyone, including the Doctors, while still helping the ones in need.


It will be convenient for both the Patients and the Doctors to request, accept, and schedule (or reschedule) appointments from their mobile phones.



Technical challenges and limitations are the most notable disadvantages of any app.

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