Ending the Debate Over Hiring an Android App Development Company

Hiring an android development company
  1. The total number of applications downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store in Q1 of 2020 reached 33.6 billion
  2. The mobile app market is presumed to reach $581.9 billion in revenue by the end of 2020.
  3. 90% of smartphone users spend their mobile time on apps.

Undoubtedly, mobile apps are dominating the market and forcing businesses to make them an integral part of their growth strategy, thereby increasing the demand for Android developers. However, developing a quality, cutting-edge mobile app is still a nerve-wracking job for business owners. That’s because deciding whether to hire a mobile app development company or build an app in-house does not have a straightforward answer.

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Buy Vs. Build Dilemma

Many organizations refrain from hiring a mobile app company because of development costs. There is a popular perception that creating in-house mobile apps is cost-effective, and the team has better control over timelines and delivery dates.

While this option can work for a few clients, in most cases, it can negatively impact the mobile app development process. Certain hidden costs such as CDN, image data, APIs, app maintenance and update submissions, as well as push notifications can dramatically raise your budget and even potentially derail the project.

Some other drawbacks of developing an app in-house include:

Higher Cost:

Contrary to popular belief, developing an app in-house in India can actually supersede your initial budget. A large chunk of the cost associated with app development is related to hiring and training Android app developers and staff members, licenses, and infrastructure. These expenses end up becoming a permanent cost to the business.

On the other hand, outsourcing to app developers in India results in faster time-to-market since the team can start as soon as the project is kicked-off. You get access to relevant expertise and subject matter experts. Best of all, you don’t have to invest in licenses and infrastructure.

Team Retention:

Unless you have plans to continuously build applications for your business, having an in-house app development team is not a great idea. Even if you hire the best Android app developers, you need to ensure retention to avoid project delays. On top of it all, once the project is over, it can be a burden to find the right kind of work for app developers within your company.

Project Delays:

Without the right group of professionals to start the app development process, your business can experience significant project delays. That is because a perfect Android app development team comprises different experts, including designers, developers, analysts, project managers, and quality assurance engineers.

To create the right team, you must invest a lot of time in ensuring that everyone clearly understands the project requirements. This process demands a lot of time and effort even before the app development starts.

Why Hire A Mobile App Development Company

Check out our top five reasons to hire a mobile app development company in India:

Dedication and Focus

One of the bigger advantages of hiring a mobile development company is the focus and dedication that the team has to get the job done. Building a mobile application in-house will only increase your employees’ workloads and affect business productivity. But an agency is more focused on creating a cutting-edge Android or iOS app and completing the project before time.

Plus, mobile app developers usually have project managers who ensure touchpoints at each milestone and handover the app to the client within timelines.

Subject Matter Experts

Having a versatile team of developers may not be a great idea when building a mobile app. Rather, it’s worth hiring iOS or Android app developers with the right knowledge and programming skills to create an efficient native or hybrid app. That is where a mobile application development company provides an edge as they have subject matter experts that offer targeted solutions.

App development is a core focus area for these companies. Since the app development agency has such rich experience in building apps, you will get the quality suggestions and services required to make the best-in-class app and fuel your business’ growth.

Better ROI

Optimizing the ROI of mobile app development can be quite a challenge. As such, you should hire a company to build the app for you.

Android and iOS app development services in India are cost-effective and provide a higher return on investment. Most companies do not charge their client for licensing. Plus, their development cost, such as coding, testing, hardware, and deploying, is very reasonable.

It is better than building your own team and paying for all the hidden costs you probably didn’t even consider.

Advanced Technology

Since an Android app development agency’s bread and butter is to build great Android and iOS apps, they have the latest tech stack. Despite rapid advancements in technology and newer tools, these companies are on top of all the tech trends. This way, app development agencies can create apps that are compatible with all desired platforms.

Ensures Continuity

Android app developers are professionals who take their jobs very seriously. These companies ensure their clients 24/7 continuity regardless of circumstances.

For instance, there is always a backup of developers to support each other when someone is not available. It ensures that the project is delivered on time, without a hitch.

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How to Choose the Right App Developers

Choosing the right mobile app development agency in India can be an arduous task, especially with so many options available in the market. However, with these simple points in mind, finding the perfect app development partner for your business can be easier.

Research Is Mandatory

Make sure to properly research the companies by reading their reviews and ratings on different portals such as Clutch. It will give you legitimate insights into what the company’s clients feel about their services and products.

Look for Creative, Dedicated Minds

It is also helpful to work with a company that has a personal approach and can bring exceptional creativity to your project. Make sure to look for Android app development agencies that not only turn your business ideas into actions but also know how to enhance them wherever possible.

Get to Know Them Better

Interview the mobile app development companies to know their technical expertise. The ideal team comprises interdisciplinary domain experts, great web developers, exceptional technology architects, and data analysts. Look for companies in India that have worked across industries and created solutions ranging from simple native apps to more complex platforms.

Study Their Body of Work

Ask for testimonials and samples from the company and learn more about their project delivery method. Make sure to hire mobile app developers that understand your vision and provide a wholesome user experience before, during, and even after the project is over.


In today’s technology-driven world, companies are always under pressure to find new ways to increase the loyal client base and remain competitive. As mobile phone users grow in number, your business must tap into the immense potential of mobile applications to enhance user experience.

We throw light on the top five advantages of hiring an Android app development company in India and how it can give you a competitive edge while driving down costs. We also go over some things to keep in mind while deploying an internal team to build the app.

Ultimately, the decision to outsource or develop a mobile app in-house will be an important factor in determining your company’s success.

Rajamanickam Rajan

Rajamanickam Rajan is the director at Skein Technologies, a leading IT solution company in India. He has 10+ years of experience in developing application using IBM Worklight hybrid, native applications for IOS and Android systems.

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