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Transform the e-learning ecosystem of the country with an intuitive and fun application for enthusiast learners with the help of Skein Technologies’ end-to-end e-learning application development.

With over 11 years of experience in the application development industry, our experts understand the ins and outs of delivering quality Ed-tech solutions.

We Develop The Best & Affordable Education Apps

Our intuitive and agile online education app development is fulfilled by our professional e-learning app developers. We follow a standard operating procedure to achieve your desired results at a highly affordable price with complete customization flexibility. The quality of our results is unparalleled, which makes us the best e-learning software development company in the country.

Our E-Learning Application Development Solutions

We offer a wide range of e-learning development solutions with 24*7 post-development support. We can integrate your application’s leading and popular features and functionalities to help avid students enjoy their learning process based on your dynamic requirements. Look at some of the online education app solutions we deliver:

User Profiles

Manage multiple user profiles from a central control point and deliver a tailored learning experience to individual students with our professional e-learning product development. Enable your students to self-manage profiles with limited access features for a smooth learning experience. Our custom software development can help you easily integrate sophisticated features for individual users.


Gamify the students' learning processes and increase the effectiveness of your content. Add quizzes, live interactive sessions, and intuitive games to your education software and stand out from the rest of the e-learning platforms. Our strategy team can help you figure out the path to gel your gamified education content and help users get hooked on the platform.

Video Conferencing

Create a solid learning ecosystem with swift and agile video communication channels for your students. Help the staff members and teachers communicate with the students better and improve the standard of online education. Integrate a seamless video conferencing interface inside your application to host a classroom for multiple students.

Multimedia Sharing

Enable your teaching staff to share assignments, learning materials, and different content formats with a wide range of students. It allows the students to submit their assignments, give online exams, and do different activities on the e-learning portal with no hassles. Create a robust learning application that allows the two-way exchange of multimedia files with the help of skilled developers.

In-App Payment

Integrate a safe and secure payment portal to enable an in-app payment feature in your e-learning application. Our end-to-end agile app development solution can help you accept payments from students for different in-app purchases. Enable a secure monthly or yearly subscription for students to help them escape the hassle of regular payments.

Our E-Learning App Development Methodology

We use a standard operating procedure to develop professional and intuitive remote learning apps for educational institutions and Ed-tech startups. Our professional experts check different segments of the development cycle to ensure that we are on the right track. Our quality assurance experts and testers analyze and remove all the loopholes to deliver the best-in-class e-learning solutions.


Business Analysis

The first step of our e-learning project development starts with analyzing and clarifying your expectations, requirements, and goals with the e-learning software. Our experts figure out the possible strategy and feasibility of the project. Once done, we sign an NDA to ensure complete transparency between our organizations.


Design & Development

Our strategists plan out the right strategy to complete the e-learning software development project, and our design and development ensure the idea is converted into reality. Using multiple technologies and platforms, our designers and developers ensure that the nitty-gritty elements of your requirements are matched and fulfilled. 


Quality Analysis & Deployment

The developed project is analyzed by the quality assurance team. They run multiple real-time scenario tests on your e-learning product to check for flaws, loopholes, or technical glitches. They even handle the development of your application. We’ll help you launch your mobile application on multiple marketplaces for easy accessibility.


Quality Analysis And Development

We provide 24*7 customer support to help you escape multiple dynamic issues and problems. Our developers will also help you roll out periodic security updates and upgrades in features to ensure that your e-learning platform stays updated with the changing world.

Choose The Right E-Learning Product For Your Business

Develop a robust learning management system for your educational institute that can help you deliver distance learning, classroom learning, and multiple features for educational activities. It’s a great online platform for large educational houses, and our developers are experts in developing the finest LMS software.

With the new age of Ed-tech learning platforms on the rise in the country, we can help you go out-of-the-box and launch the unique gamified e-learning platform. Our team can filter different elements based on your target audience. age group learners and requirements.

Create a robust application to help your students learn new languages and master them with finesse. We can help you create new language learning applications that you can use with agile communication channels and an extensive database for seamless education content flow. 

Why Choose Skein For Developing an Educational App for Your Business

With our dedication and love for developing the finest educational applications for learners globally, we stand out from the rest of the app developers in the country. At Skein Technologies, we have a team of strategists, developers, designers, and testers who can achieve your desired outcomes within your specified budget limits.

Better User Experience

At Skein Technologies, we take user experience seriously. Our developers ensure that your e-learning application has the best user experience to hook learners and make their experience fun and knowledgeable. Our designers use multiple intuitive elements to sprinkle their creativity in developing an engaging learning application for your business.


We’ll maintain complete transparency with your organization and sign a non-disclosure agreement with you to keep things transparent legally. We’ll discuss all the terms and conditions with your representatives to be on the same page. Once we both agree on different set conditions, then we’ll sign an NDA to lay the first stone of trust for our future associations.

Support And Maintenance

We have a vast team of customer support to handle your complex problems and technical issues 24*7. You can contact our experts through multiple communication channels and discuss the issue with the team to get a streamlined solution. We also help you with the post-development phase and deliver regular security and feature updates.

Bug-free Apps

Our expert quality assurance and testing teams run thorough tests to spot the flaws and loopholes of the developed applications. They neutralize the drawbacks of the applications and help to improve the overall user experience of the application. We aim to deliver professional and bug-free e-learning software to match your expectations.

Frequently asked questions

Find some frequently asked questions by our clients when they engage with the mobile app development services from Skein Technologies

The cost of developing an enterprise-level e-learning application is between $5,000 and $500,000 depending upon the requirements, features, and goals of your project. But with Skein Technologies, we get the best and most reasonable pricing with no compromise on the quality of the project.

With over 11 years of experience in the app development industry, we at Skein Technology have the experience to handle and deliver e-learning projects irrespective of the scale and complexity of the project. We ensure that an error-free and quality product reaches you to deliver your end-users the best user experience.

Yes, we can help you with e-learning app monetization. Our team of experts can plan a strategy to help you with the monetization process and our developers can integrate the best in-app money transaction platform that helps you receive safe and secure payments from multiple merchants and financial institutions.

We have experience in building multiple e-learning platforms for different educational institutes from different industries. Our developers can build dedicated LMS for large educational universities and colleges; we can create gamified ed-tech applications for startups, new language learning applications, and skill enhancement platforms for enterprises

Yes, your business can take a lot of benefits from an e-learning app as it will help you strengthen your online ecosystem and promote remote learning for students. You can maintain the same quality of education by helping your teaching staff, and students communicate seamlessly and professionally online. You can improve the reach of your business and expand globally with a professional e-learning application.

Yes, we’ll keep your app confidential. We’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement with your organization and maintain complete transparency and confidentiality for your e-learning project. We also aim to maintain a healthy, trustworthy relationship with your organization by signing a legal NDA for your future endeavors.

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