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Being a Top Xamarin App Development Company in India, our Xamarin experts could build reliable cross-platform mobile applications for your business deals. By hiring a Xamarin developer, you could avoid hiring a native developer separately, because Xamarin supports multi-platforms. You could develop Android, iOS, and Windows applications for your project ideas on the single Xamarin platform.
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Our Full stack Xamarin Development Services

We deliver high performance, reliable and scalable cross-platform applications for Android and iOS using the Xamarin framework. Our Xamarin developers built robust and high quality native mobile applications for vast business minds.

Xamarin integration services

Our Xamarin app developers integrate and transform your xamarin services to back-end applications such as CMS and ERP systems.

Native Apps Development

We make use of the latest technologies for our native xamarin app development. Our Xamarin experts have developed apps for health-care, retail, media, and e-learning industries.


Dedicated Xamarin Developers

We make use of the latest technologies for our xamarin app development. Our Xamarin experts have built apps for health-care, retail & e-learning industries.

Maintenance & Migration

Easily migrate your existing versatile mobile applications to Xamarin applications for better performance and high revenue returns.

Xamarin.Forms UI framework

Our Xamarin app developers use the advantages of xamarin.Forms to build iOS, android, and window apps with .NET cross-platform UI toolkit.

Xamarin apps for enterprises

Our xamarin app developers use strategic initiatives and plannings around Mobility to build Xamarin applications for vast international industries.

Why Choose Xamarin Cross-Platform Development?

Based on the modern competitive market, we develop xamarin mobile applications that are compatible with all mobile operating systems. See a few reasons to use xamarin for mobile cross-platform development-

Why Hire Xamarin App Developers From Skein Technologies?

Our Xamarin app developers have an excellent knowledge of languages like C# and .Net to build a practical mobile application based on your project requirements. Our end-to-end agile, mobile app development on the Xamarin platform enables us to deliver the best app development solutions in the industry.

We also specialize in using Microsoft’s Xamarin app development platform to build your mobile applications for iOS and Android devices

Our developers can help you migrate your existing application to a Xamarin application to improve and enhance the usability and experience of your application

We offer complete post-launch support to immediately solve your unexpected hiccups and issues. Our support team is available 24*7 to assist with tailored solutions

We at Skein Technologies have experts with years of experience in developing Xamarin applications and using the development platform effectively

Our project manager will consistently update you regarding the project progress and deliver detailed reports about the future development plans. We ensure complete transparency with periodic project-related updates

We offer complete agile enterprise app development solutions. Our Xamarin app developers blend skills and experience to make the most of the Xamarin development platform

Our Xamerin developers can create applications that fulfill your requirements irrespective of the complexities. We can deliver apps that support wearable devices and run on multiple operating systems

Our Process for Hiring Dedicated Xamarin App Developers

Our experts analyze your requirements and figure out the workforce requirements to deliver your project requirements within the expected time. Once done, we’ll start our standard hiring process and filter out the best Xamarin app developers in the country or abroad to work on your project


Requirement Gathering

At the initial phase, let us know about your business ideas and project requirements in detail. We could analyze your project needs and plan accordingly for the team size and technology service that we could offer.


Candidate Shorting

After gathering the project requirements and providing a clear project estimation timeline and quotation, we shortlist the best mobile app developers based on their technical skill sets that best fit your business needs.



Conduct Interviews

At this stage, we would share the resumes of the shortlisted candidates where you can conduct interviews with them through Skype, phone, or video calls depends on your convenience.


Connect with PM

Our Project Manager would approach you after selecting the right resource for your project development. He would guide and assure you in providing the exact output at each stage of project development.


Terms & Conditions of Contract

After selecting the impressive mobile app developers for your project ideas, we need to move forward to the terms and conditions. The payment terms will be discussed and finalized, and NDA would be signed for your business to secrete security.


The Team is Yours, Get Started

Get started with your project development cycle with our enthusiastic development team. They would timely deliver the planned results with full support and maintenance.

Xamarin Tools We Work Upon

Develop native and hybrid, Android, iOS, and Windows applications using a single sharable .NET code base for your business projects.

Hiring Xamarin App Developers With Skein Technologies

We offer versatile Xamarin Developers to extend your IT business based on hourly, part-time, or full-time hiring.

Dedicated Team

Suppose you have a medium-scaled project that wants a technical expert team. Then, we would present you with our best-skilled team, where the pricing is done periodically, such as 3-4 weeks.

Fixed Price Model

Suppose you have a large and innovative project with definitive requirements. Then you can hire our dedicated experts and go for a fixed price billing (on-time payment) for the fixed project.


If you have an undefined or a short term project. Then you could get guidance and support from our developers and the pricing is done based on the hourly time spent by the team.

Frequently asked questions

Find some frequently asked questions by our clients when they engage with the mobile app development services with Xamarin from Skein Technologies

By hiring a dedicated Xamarin development team, you could find the following benefits:

  • High transparency and secured applications
  • Controlled development life cycle
  • Multi-platform integration
  • Saves money and time

Xamarin is the best preferable framework for developing cross-platform apps. It can be used for building iOS and Android applications on a single code base. It reduces development costs and time.

Yes, off-course, Xamarin is an open-source framework used for developing the cross-platform application.

By creating a Xamarin project in Visual Studio, you could reuse your code with multi-platforms. There are different ways and strategies to share your code among platforms with Xamarin, find then bellow:

  • Sharing code with .NET Standard
  • Sharing code with shared projects
  • Sharing code with portable class libraries

Yes, we could reuse your existing C# code because it is not platform specific. It can be easily migrated to Android and iOS applications with no code changes.

A Xamarin developer is responsible for developing highly reliable and robust multi-platform applications for Android, iOS, and Windows OS.

Yes, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with you before you could hire our valuable Xamarin development resources. The NDA is signed to ensure that your project ideas and secretes are highly secured and maintained by our developers. It is also approved to ensure that your hired Xamarin coders would deliver the app on time without delay and have used the right technologies, as discussed.

By using the Xamarin framework, we could develop both native and hybrid applications. Microsoft Xamarin is very simple and easy to handle.

Xamarin has two ways of building mobile applications, Xamarin.Forms and Xamarin.Native. Both methods are beneficial in building cross-platform apps. The main difference between Xamarin.Froms and Xamarin Native is that Xamarin.Native compiles shared code, such that it can be used for different platforms such as Xamarin.Android or Xamarin.IOS. Where else the Xamarin.Forms are used to build cross-platform compatible codes.

The hiring cost for a Xamarin developer depends entirely on the skills and number of years experience the programmer has in developing successful Xamarin apps. Let’s discuss your project ideas with our Xamarin experts and then find the exact cost estimation.

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