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We at Skein Technologies blend talent and technology to deliver the best-in-class robust mobile app development in Houston. 

Our team of experts has 11+ years of experience in the mobile app development industry and can bring your mobile application idea to reality within the promised time.

Mobile App Development Services For Various Platforms

Our expert team of mobile app developers in Houston can build mobile applications for multiple platforms based on your requirements. Our tailored Houston app development can seamlessly help you achieve your desired business goals. We follow a standard operational procedure where our teams work in sync to deliver premium-quality mobile application solutions in Houston.

Have a look at all the multiple platforms for which we offer our mobile app development services:


Our team can build engaging and professional native applications suitable exclusively for single platform use. From iOS to Android, or any other platforms, we offer tailored native mobile app development solutions in Houston. We blend excellent user experience with high performance.

Hybrid Wearable

With the rise in demand for wearable and embeddable devices, there’s a need for quality mobile applications that can support highly advanced wearable devices. Our mobile app development company in Houston offers dedicated applications that support hybrid wearable and embeddable.

Beacon Technology

Interact with your Beacon integrated hardware using our custom-built mobile application that can offer endless interaction possibilities. In our custom software development service in Houston, we use various protocols like AltBeacon, Eddystone, and iBeacon to deliver your desired results.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Delivering custom-built enterprise mobile app solutions is a task our experts can handle easily. Our custom app developers are experienced in delivering 360-degree enterprise mobile apps that can simplify your business workflow and help with scalability.

Progressive Web

We at Skein Technologies can deliver highly professional and intuitive progressive web mobile application solutions. Our web apps use service work and other web-platform features with progressive enhancements to deliver a great user experience to the end-user.

Internet of Things

Control IoT enabled devices from a dedicated mobile application built by developers at Skein Technologies. Our professional app developers can deliver you unparalleled IoT mobile app solutions in Houston like connected healthcare, wearables, and home automation.

Our Expertise With Major Mobile App Development Technologies & Platforms

Our talented team of experts value growth and learning on day-to-day basics. We aim to improve our development horizons, which is why we are the leading mobile app development service providers across major technologies and platforms.


From Android to iOS app development, from React Native to Flutter app development, we, at Skein Technologies, can deliver tailored mobile app development solutions based on all these platforms and coding languages and frameworks.


Android App Development

As 87% of mobile users use Android smartphones; you need to build an Android-based application to reach out to your potential customers. Our Android developers in Houston have the knowledge and the skillset to deliver excellent Android-based mobile applications.

iOS App Development

Our robust and fast iOS mobile application can help you reach out to iOS device users effectively. Our iOS mobile app developers can assist with the development and the integration into the Apple App Store marketplace to escape all the hassles.

Logo Ionic

Ionic App Development

We at Skein Technologies can deliver cost-effective cross-platform mobile applications using the Ionic app development platform. With the help of features like seamless integration, reusable components, and open-source SDK, our team can help you build the desired mobile product effectively.


Xamarin App Development

We also specialize in using Microsoft's Xamarin app development platform to build your mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. Our developers have an excellent knowledge of languages like C# and .Net to build a practical mobile applications.

React Native App Development

Our developers can deliver optimal performance, seamless cross-integration, and other essential features using React Native app development platform. We know the ins and outs of effectively using the Facebook-supported, community-driven app development framework.


Flutter App Development

Based on your mobile development requirements, our developers can also use Google’s Flutter UI toolkit to deliver mesmerizing mobile applications. Flutter can support both iOS and Android and can deliver faster development results compared to other frameworks.

Build Custom Mobile App For Your Industry

We aim to deliver the best customer experience to our clients, which has helped us successfully serve 60+ happy and satisfied clients globally. With our out-of-the-box thinking and ability to deliver the best mobile application results, we strive forward to deliver excellence in every business industry.


Streamline your restaurant chain business and digitize your entire business with an intuitive and optimized mobile application. Our developers have the expertise to create exceptional food delivery and restaurant finder mobile applications that are fully functional and simple to use


We can handle your mobile development requirements to deliver reliable solutions for medical support and patient treatment. We can integrate your critical medical third-party software within the mobile application, thereby making it easy to access for your patients and medical staff members.


Deliver the best learning experience for your students with a professional and advanced eLearning ecosystem. We at Skein Technologies can deliver applications like corporate training, tuitions, skill-boosting, induction and orientation, and other eLearning mobile applications for a remote learning experience

Banking & Finance

Our developers can build safe and secure next-gen banking and financial mobile applications. By integrating secure wallets, end-to-end banking solutions, anti-theft, anti-fraud mechanisms, and other features, Skein Technologies can develop high-tech banking and financial mobile applications.


Our developers can handle the mobile development requirements for your construction work and help you streamline your entire business workflow. We can include the vital components of your inventory updates, employee status, vendor details, and other factors in an advanced mobile application


From music streaming to video streaming applications, our developers can build intuitive entertainment applications that hook the audience to its charisma. Our lucrative and efficient entertainment mobile application solution can deliver the best user experience and effectively help you achieve your business goals

Our Mobile Application Development Process

Being one of the renowned mobile app developers in Houston, we follow standard operating procedures to bring your mobile app idea to reality within the promised time. Our expert team leader ensures that our teams work in sync and stick to the standard operating procedures during your mobile app development project completion.


Our team works hard and with professionalism to match the deadlines and maintain a premium quality in their work. The entire mobile app development project goes through four phases at Skein Technologies, and by the end, we ensure you get what you desire.


Discovery Phase/Meeting

The initial stage of the mobile development project is about understanding your requirements and goals. Once you reach out to Skein Technologies in Houston through one of the multiple communication channels, we collect and analyze your requirements and expectations.


We have a list of basic questions about your requirements which can give us clarity on what you have in mind.


Business Analysis

We discuss the project’s feasibility with our experts and confirm the requirements. Our team of thinkers analyzes the nitty-gritty details and focuses on the pathway of converting your idea into a reality.


All the analysis done is converted into reports and presentations so that it becomes easier for the development team to carry forward the project


Design & Development

Our development team provides a complete end-to-end mobile development solution for your idea and uses the latest and advanced technologies to achieve your outcome.


With our tailored mobile development solutions, your enterprise can create a presence on modern platforms and devices. Once the development team has performed their role, the project is passed on to the testing and quality assurance team


Quality Analysis And Development

Being one of the leading mobile app developers in Houston, we at Skein Technologies ensure our developed projects match the industry standards and are free from technical glitches and loopholes.


We perform thorough quality analysis and cover all our tracks. After thorough testing and quality assurance checks, we can help you with the integration process of your mobile application on all popular marketplaces.

Frequently asked questions

Find some frequently asked questions by our clients when they engage with the mobile app development services from Skein Technologies

We at Skein Technologies put our heart and soul into the mobile application development project. With our aim to deliver an exceptional customer experience at a reasonable price range, we stand out from the rest of the mobile application developers in Houston. Our results and clientele speak volumes about our excellent work in the mobile development industry.

Mobile app development services include:

  • Custom Android/iOS app development
  • Cross-platform development and progressive web app development
  • UX/UI design solutions
  • Quality assurance service
  • Mobile app porting service
  • Prototype and consulting services

And at Skein Technologies, you get it all under one roof

Our developers are experts in developing complete end-to-end custom mobile applications for different industries within the promised time.  Based on your project requirements and complexities, we work on multiple technologies and platforms. Our strength is to provide you with your desired results based on your requirements in the most agile manner.

Choosing a mobile development platform is easy. If the clients have specific platform requirements, we choose the desired development platform. Otherwise, we analyze the requirements and figure out the best and quickest way to achieve the desired result using one of the mobile app development platforms.

The cost of your mobile development project can range based on your requirements and the complexity of your project. The price can vary between the brackets of $5,000 to $500,000, depending upon the scale and goals of your mobile development project.

Yes, your mobile application will be safe and confidential at all points. We’ll sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure complete transparency and trust between our enterprises. It will help us build a healthy relationship for this project and all the future associations.

Yes, your mobile application will be safe and confidential at all points. We’ll sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure complete transparency and trust between our enterprises. It will help us build a healthy relationship for this project and all the future associations.

Just like the cost of the project, the time of your project’s development depends upon the requirement and complexity of your project. On average, an enterprise-level mobile development project can take 12-20 weeks to complete and pass all the stages of the development process.

Yes, we provide 24*7 customer support in our mobile development services in Houston, Texas. Once your application is launched, you can contact our experts to highlight your issues or hiccups to get tailored and instant solutions. We value customer experience a lot, and we hope you have the best time associating with us for your future mobile app development project.

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