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Scale your business by joining hands with SKEIN, a leading chatbot development company in India. Our Chatbot service India allow companies to automate routine tasks and reduce customer care costs. As a team of experts with rich experience in app development, we revolutionize the way you interact with your potential customers and streamlines sales interactions. We use the latest technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Microsoft bot framework to develop chatbots.

Our Chatbot App Development Services

We use robust technology to develop and launch smarter Chatbot applications for all business enterprises. We help our customers in automating their businesses with chatbots. Hire experienced chatbot developers in India through Skein Technologies.

Interactive Design

Skein Technologies' design studio focuses on industrial design and user experience design. We work on chatbot applications with unique and exciting experiences that integrate color theme, content, interaction, and the latest technology.

Chatbot Development

Our expert team is well knowledgeable on the latest machine learning technologies that go into the process of AI chatbot development. Our Chatbot service India is perfect choice for your business.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence, where we could expect a system to analyze data, identify a pattern, and make a design on comparisons. In the past decade, we have used machine learning algorithms for our smart bot app development process.

Speech Recognition

Our Chatbot team offers the best speech recognition for your Smartphone. Our virtual talks AI Chatbot automate conversations with your customers for lead generation.

AI Chatbot

We understood that Chatbot is not a real human, to support customer user experience chatbots need to be intelligent. So we focused on how to build AI chatbots to become more real.

API Integration

Finding the relevant API is the beginning of our software development process. Once we find the right third-party API, we could save our time, money, and energy. The final step is to integrate that API into our app development.

How Our Chatbot Solutions Work

We build chatbots that allow integration of all the major frameworks for businesses.
This makes us the best Chatbot App Development company in India

Advantages of Using Chatbots

Chatbots have been necessary for a couple of years and play a vital role in the IT business solutions. It brings about
a new platform for all business domains to automate their customer service with chatbots.

Automated Customer Support

Improve your automated customer support by making use of chatbots. Bots can be programmed to provide a computerized answer to the customers.

Flexible Attribute

Chatbots can simultaneously have conversations with many customers and provide the right solutions to each individual without delay.

Better Lead Generation

Chatbots play a vital role in the sales team; it acknowledges the unqualified leads through identified KPIs and provides better lead generation solutions.

Faster Onboarding

They provide the quickest response medium that includes an immaculate and comfortable understanding of the conversation with the customers.


Since chatbots provide automated solutions, it saves employee cost and avoids the issues created by human errors. Take help of our Chatbot service India.

Virtual Assistant

Make AI chatbots as your assistant or advisor before making a choice or decision. It understands your requirements and provides accurate solutions for them.

Chatbot Use Cases

Regardless of your industry or company size, AI chatbots can be implemented to reduce support costs, boost conversion rates and customer loyalty, accelerate sales cycles, and generate more leads. As a leading chatbot development company, we provide chatbots to different industries, including

E-Commerce Chatbots

Influence customers’ buying decisions, boost your marketing strategies with personalized push ads, keep track of your inventory, and reduce customer service costs with e-commerce chatbots.

Healthcare Bots

Take the burden off doctors and make hospitals easier for patients with a healthcare chatbot. Automate administrative tasks like scheduling appointments, synergizing front office, integrating with legacy systems, updating patient’s medical history, and sending notifications for prescription refills.

Ticketing Chatbots

Give globe trotters 24/7 access to your company’s services by using a chatbot that allows searching and booking tickets. With our messaging bots, visitors can browse ticket pricing, date, time of travel, etc. and get notifications if there are any modifications in the schedule.

News and Media Chatbots

News and media chatbots can provide personalized, breaking news to users along with the latest news updates, tours, and events information, as well as information on subscriptions with one push message.

Hospitality Chatbots

A chatbot in the hospitality industry can help travelers browse available dates and quickly make hotel reservations. It can promptly answer some of your guests' questions, thereby enhancing the communication between them and your hotel even before they arrive at your place.

Customer Support Chatbots

Customer service chatbots can address people’s questions with minimum supervision from your staff. These bots can quickly browse data to give the most relevant answer and escalate the request to the live chat agent only in cases of complex queries.

Banking and Finance Chatbots

Chatbots can be used to send push notifications for any updates in the stock of different companies depending upon the users’ preferences. Chatbots in banking can send reminders to users about their credit card payments, bank account balance, and installment payments.

Retail Chatbots

Help shoppers find what they are looking for with custom chatbots that act like shopping assistants. Chatbots can help customers swiftly sift through the huge inventory and provide what they want in an instant.

Food Ordering Chatbot

Food ordering chatbots are a versatile assistant that allows diners to book tables, order food online, and browse important information about the restaurant and its food menu through the company's Facebook Messenger.

Join with our digital innovation lab and become inventors tomorrow


We integrate Artificial Intelligence to chat, response, and assist the customers in the right way. Skein Technologies’ chatbot developmentteam provide the best customer experiences and services.

Raise your business to the next level with groundbreaking strategy, current technologies, and innovation advisors.

Our Chatbot experts have extensive knowledge of all latest technologies for chatbot app development in India.

We create a delightful user experience design across many industrial domains, including software, website & app designs.

We follow agile methodology process there by eliminating major bugs before launching the app.

Being an experienced Chatbot Development Company In India, We facilitate in the timely development of projects.

Complete understanding of the customer requirements before hand helps in eliminating overheads, thus making the project cost effective.

Case Studies

Sugam – Ecommerce App

Sugam is one of the leading online grocery shopping apps, which collaborates with farmers and consumers across Chennai in India. Sugam has enhanced its advantages and benefits in the eCommerce ecosystem services.

Knowledge Checkers – E-learning Platform

Knowledge checkers is an online digital e-learning application providing a one-stop solution to host your Flipped Classroom based on the bloom taxonomy model and learn management system.

iMeetify – Virtual Meeting Organizer

iMeetify is your personalized meeting organizer, enabling you to plan meetings with ease. It helps you enhance your firm’s productivity and revenue and has an admirable and good-looking user experience.

Grocery Shopping List

Carry Bag makes your online shopping experience more comfortable and faster. You could create your customized shopping list for your grocery purchases and share it with your friends.

Frequently asked questions

Find some frequently asked questions by our clients when they engage with our service.

A chatbot is a computer program that can start a chat or conversation with a human user in natural language via websites, messaging applications, mobile apps, or the telephone. They are often used to boost customer experience and save the time of customer care support agents. You can hire chatbot developers from Skein Technologies to help you build interactive chatbots in India.

Facebook chatbots are free of cost and can be used on its Messenger. It allows you to initiate an automated conversation with anyone who opens your Facebook Messenger. However, you will have to use tools like Microsoft Bot Framework and other chatbot platforms to create them.

This depends upon various factors, including the social media platform, the bot framework, and the programming language. While platforms like Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, and Skype allow you to build a chatbot for auto-responses, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat don’t.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots are vastly different concepts. AI is a technology that allows a computer, software, or a machine to mimic human-like intelligence. This technology learns from data and previous experiences to react in a human-like way. On the other hand, a chatbot is a more conversational program that facilitates automated conversations, usually through a text-based platform.

Live chat or chatbot helps you offer exceptional customer service by immediately resolving customer problems. There are multiple chatbots for WordPress that you can choose from. Some of these plugins are LiveChat, Sendinblue, Olark, Zendesk Chat, Tidio Live Chat, and Formilla Live Chat.

A chatbot is programmed to answer the questions or the statements of users. If the questions asked do not match the queries the bots are programmed for, then human agents are forced to intervene. They cannot answer complex questions since they lack a solid foundation of natural language processing (NLP).
On the other hand, virtual assistants use NLP to answer complex questions and perform daily tasks like setting alarms and reminders, making calls, and playing songs.

The IBM Watson Conversation is a consolidation of APIs for building a chatbot. Create a chatbot using intents, entities, and dialog structures, after which use the API of the Watson Developer Cloud for interacting with the chatbot. Users need to have an IBM/Bluemix account, which is free. The bot’s capabilities will hugely depend on the effort invested in producing the right dialogues.

There are several open-source platforms that you can use to create a chatbot. However, the best one for your business will depend upon your specifications and requirements.

Some of these open-source tools are Botpress, which comes with NLU, dialogue manager, and multi-channel integration; Rasa chatbot, which supports HTTP API and Python; and Microsoft, which has two main components, Bot Builder SDK and NLU engine. Bot Builder SDK uses .NET and Node.js, while the NLU engine can be used for NLU, Bing APIs for search, etc.

To create a customer service AI chatbot, you need to understand the opportunities for the chatbot, the goals and the requirements of the customers, and your business. Identify the questions that you feel your users will ask and integrate the same in your bots. Finally, create the bots using any of the frameworks and platforms such as Motion AI, Chattypeople, Beep Boop, Botsify, etc.

AI-chatbots provide 24/7, real-time interactions with your brand and give users relevant and accurate answers. Bots also act as a search engine of your website to allow people to quickly find the things they are looking for while learning more about your customers’ preferences. With a lot of data about your customers, your marketing team can create personalized experiences.

AI-chatbots provide 24/7, real-time interactions with your brand and give users relevant and accurate answers. Bots also act as a search engine of your website to allow people to quickly find the things they are looking for while learning more about your customers’ preferences. With a lot of data about your customers, your marketing team can create personalized experiences.

In a globalized world where people visit your website 24/7, you need an online presence to promptly respond to visitors’ questions. For this, chatbots are deployed so that they can instantly resolve the customer’s problems, collect key data for sending personalized messages in the future, and provide real-time assistance to users looking for a particular thing online.

The cost of a chatbot varies from the scope and requirement of the project. When calculating the cost, keep in mind the following things: the complexity of the bot, its design, technical integrations, infrastructure, launch & post-launch support, etc.

The time-frame of chatbot implementation depends upon the complexity and scope of the project. It also depends upon the bot builder or service provider that you select for technical implementation.

Most service providers will provide a default knowledge base that you can use to deploy bot personas

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