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Our Taxi Booking App Can Do Wonders For Your Business

Can you imagine keeping track of all your drivers and calculating their salaries all by yourself? Doesn’t it seem tiring to note down the information of every trip that your customers take? What if we tell you we can make this easier for you with our taxi booking app? Our talented taxi app developers can create a customized taxi app for your business to upscale your operational efficiency. Our app automates everything, starting from booking the taxi, payments to the drivers, and generating the reports. That’s how we take off the pressure from you so that you can put your business skills in the right direction.

Core Features of Our Taxi App Guarantee Your Benefits

In recent times, you can see app stores flooded with various taxi booking apps. So, what makes Skientech stand out from the rest? It is our features that focus on nothing but your benefits.

Flexible Payment

It accelerates cash flow and improves your customers’ overall experience

Advance Booking

Your customers will have the liberty to schedule their rides prior, looking at their events calendar.

Ratings and Feedbacks

Your customers can share their experiences, which you can use to improve your services.

24/7 Support

You can create a trust factor among your customers through your reliable support system.

Best Taxi Booking App Development Company

Your customers deserve a comfortable ride. And Skeintech makes it a reality through its alluring and brilliant
taxi app development solutions for your smarter travelers. These include:

Rider's App

The passenger application has simple and easy login/signup options that help the customer escape all the hassle of troublesome and time-consuming sign-ups. If the customer forgets the credentials, they can use the forgot credentials option to retrieve them.

Ensure the customers make safe payments with the help of one of the secure payment gateways. Give your customers the freedom to choose any payment method out of the multiple available in the application.

The customers have the freedom to request a taxi available near their location within a few clicks. The application will filter out the best taxi available and book the cab ride based on the customers’ preferences.

The passenger application can use the geolocation of the user and help them to filter out the nearest cab rides available. It will also showcase the estimated wait time and the cost of the ride to the destination.

You can not compromise on the safety of your customers. We know this, and we make sure your customers feel secure as they take your services. Therefore, we have enabled the option where your customers can share their trip details, including driver’s name and vehicle information, with their family or friends.

They may want to book it right away, or later, or may want to book it for their friend or relative. And we know you want to serve all these needs of your customers. Therefore, our taxi app developers provide Book Now, Book Later, and Book for Others options in the taxi app.

The fast operations of the applications help the driver easily use the app’s basic functionalities with no technical knowledge. It provides all the rides, payments, and other histories within a few clicks.

The rider can access all the application functionalities without internet access. The application doesn’t restrict the drivers’ usage if they have poor or no internet connection. It enables the rider to operate under all circumstances.

It keeps track of the driver’s location to match it with the passenger’s ride request. The driver automatically gets the ride request notification if the location falls under a specific parameter.

Once the passenger requests the ride, the rider can accept or reject it based on their preference. The rider will get a quick ride request notification from the passenger to act. Once accepted, the map feature will be activated.

We at Skein Technologies have included the rating feature in the drivers’ app, where they can view their ratings and understand their weak areas. This helps them to improve their services and achieve a higher rate of client satisfaction.

Using the taxi driver’s app, your hard-working team of drivers can easily get registered by submitting the required documents and credentials. They can even register for more than one vehicles right from the application

Driver's App

Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard enables you to edit or register any profile in the drive or passenger database. You can log in to the admin profile and get complete access to the entire database to make specific desired changes.

Apart from editing the profiles; you can add or delete the entire profile or list of profiles in the passenger or driver database. You have the freedom to control the profiles of both the applications and ensure a smooth cab booking facility.

You can keep track of all the payments and ride a history of both the passenger and driver profiles to ensure the smooth functioning of the ecosystem. You can access the details anytime by logging in to the admin account.

You can set up different admin roles and access controls so that your team can solve different dynamic problems using the admin dashboard. Only you can have full control of the admin dashboard to keep a birds view of all the processes.

We develop an easy-to-access and interactive admin dashboard to view and keep track of all the key activities and statistics in real-time. It is the powerful feature your admin panel can have to manage active drivers, trip history, set up fairs and much more.

How can your admin panel know about the efficiency of your business services? Through the ratings and feedback received from your users. Therefore, through our admin’s app, your panel can analyze these feedback and understand the requirements to achieve greater customer satisfaction.

Our Technology For Your Customer Satisfaction

You can not afford to have an unhappy customer. And we make sure it doesn’t happen with you through our excellent taxi booking app solutions. We ensure minimal or no wastage of time because we value your customers’ time. Our technology helps to transform your business by incorporating efficiency and automation into your operations.

This is How We Develop Taxi Booking App For You

We develop the taxi booking apps for your business that contain simple to most advanced features, to help you serve your customers better. Our solutions are robust, time relevant and scalable. By following the below step-by-step process, we reshape the destiny of your taxi business.


We bridge the gap

First, we strive to know your taxi business and your application requirements so that our taxi booking app developers can serve you as per your expectations


Be on the same page as us

Once we know your needs, we offer you the prototype of our app. This gives you an idea of how our app would work for your business


Visually attractive app

After you approve the prototype, our UX and UI designers jump into action to design the app as visually attractive as possible for your users


Making it functional

To make the app fully operational, we add the core functionality to the app at the development stage. Here, we make sure to fulfill all your requirements


A bug-free app

After developing the app, our app testing professionals will be constantly on a hunt to track down the bugs which affect the performance of the app. Our team continues testing until the app becomes bug-free and ready to use for your customers.


It's all Yours

Once the app is ready to serve your customers, we launch it on the Play Store and through your official website. From there, your customers can download the taxi booking application to book taxi service

A Taxi Booking App With Many Uses

Our taxi booking app can revolutionize your business by shifting it into auto-pilot mode. It gives details about the vehicle, driver, payment well in advance, and helps your customers to have a convenient ride. Hence, it connects your users with you in a more professional way.

Travelling makes you happier. It is the best teacher you can get. If your customers are fond of travelling and want to get out of their monotonous life, you can help them with your car rental services. Our app can integrate this feature to serve your hodophile users.

How can you keep your customers happy? By providing quality services. And what if you offer them customized services? It would be cherry on the cake! And we can help you with this with our app. It collects your users’ valuable data, and this helps you provide them with customized discounts and offers.

Client management is very crucial for your business. And if you have multiple corporate clients, it becomes difficult for you to manage them well. This is where our taxi business solution comes into picture. With our app system you can create your clients’ profiles and get all their information in one place, and keep a track of them.

Our fleet management solution streamlines all the operations of your taxi business, starting from vehicle tracking, driver management to route optimization and improving your customer and drivers’ safety. We tailor our fleet management systems to up-scale your efficiency and improve profit.

Are you thinking of starting your venture in the air taxi business? If yes, we at Skein Technologies can help you out. Our app development solutions will help you launch, or redefine your air taxi business. If you are looking for customized solutions to expand your air taxi business, then we can do that for you as well.

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Frequently asked questions

Find some frequently asked questions by our clients when they engage with the taxi app development services from Skein Technologies

Skein Technologies is a software solution provider for various domains, including the taxi business. It comprises web developers, data analysts, and technology architects who deliver the excellent solutions for the business projects. Including software, Skein Technologies also develops hardware solutions ranging from drive building to more complex 3D interactive ecosystems.

Yes, no matter how many vehicles are currently working in your business, our taxi booking application is right for you. Our solution is scalable, therefore, even if you plan to add a few more vehicles in the future, our application can manage it efficiently. In fact, our taxi booking app also manages over one fleet or taxi at a time.

We offer the solutions as mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Under mobile applications, we deliver apps for drivers, passengers and for your admin panel. Besides these mobile applications, we also deliver solutions as responsive web applications to support your business operations.

Yes, our taxi booking app and fleet management solutions are completely customizable as per your business rules and branding requirements. We will also provide you with admin access to the app. One representative from our specialist team will also help you throughout the customization process. If you come across any variations or problems during the process, our team will always respond and rectify them.

We are always ready to welcome you. Please connect with our sales team and give in your contact details. Then, we will get back to you to know your requirements in more depth. If this doesn’t work for you, you can always email us the date and time you expect a callback. After these initial conversations, we get on with the work to deliver you the top-notch service.

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