Water Basket – Online Water Delivery Services App Development

More than 63% of India's people consume drinking water through an online water delivery system; water trading has become a vital business tool for many Small case industries in India.

Scope of the project

Key Features Implemented

Supplier Business Dashboard

Drinking water supplying logistics companies can track their monthly orders, products, and revenues details on a single admin dashboard.

Product List

The mobile application comes with an in-built product list. Suppliers could add, edit, and remove a product to the product list.

Customer’s order list

Know your customer water demands in advance so that you can deliver the needed drinking water supplies.

Locate nearest suppliers

Find what the best water logistic agencies are nearby and place the orders beforehand.

Get water by one click

Get your preferred brand & water container by one click and place your order through flexible payment options.

Track your order

Get the correct status of your water container shipment at your doorstep in the right time.

On-demand water delivery to the doorstep

Drinking water is an essential need in our day to day life. Our delivery app's main vision is to deliver water containers to our customers on time.

GPS Navigation

The delivery boy could view the full details of customers, navigate to their right destination using the GPS navigation system, and place the order without delay.

Push notification

Push notifications on essential updates are available on the delivery boy app. They help to keep the delivery boy updated about through notifications.

How We Do It?


For the Android part of the application, Ionic 3 has been the most successful version of our online water delivery mobile app development. The app has got all the features with a robust structure and a great user interface.


Water basket iOS app was built to maintain and track Water Can suppliers and supplies worldwide on the iOS platform. The iOS app has all the similar features as the Android version of the application and is designed with the fundamentals in mind.


Our recommended and the proposed solution is to build the water basket project using Java for backend, Ionic 3 for mobile and NodeJS & Angular for portal/Web. With these technologies, we can build and host the complete solution available for the suppliers and customers.

Technology Stack Used

Making use of modern technology & industry experience, our full-stack developers develop successful, highly responsive android apps that hit Quick Time to Market.

How It Works

Modern and trendy UI

We provide you a more comfortable, faster, and smarter way of ordering and obtaining drinking water containers nearby. Our online water delivery app is very simple to use and provides a clean and trendy design.

Instant water at your doorstep

We support real-time and consistent customers across various channels. Our keen goal is to instantly deliver water supply to our valid customers to their doorstep at the right time.

Buy and sell water

The water basket app allows users to buy and sell water in response to their individual needs. Water markets motivate small case industries in moving water to higher-value uses.

Holds up Indian water industries

Water trading has become a vital business tool for many Small case industries in India. We have taken the Indian bottled water industries to the next level through our mobile app development services.

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