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The world of fantasy sports is growing by leaps and bounds. We have developed our world-class fantasy sports app development services to drive home the opportunities and advantages of fantasy sports software.

We are Skein Technologies, a leading fantasy sports mobile application and website developer catering to sports enterprises, enthusiasts, leagues, and professionals. Our custom apps help you generate good revenue by drawing millions of users.

Fantasy Sports App Development Services by Skein Technologies

Being one of the top companies in this niche, Skein Technologies designs websites and sports apps specifically per the client’s requirements. We deliver apps around multiple sports that give users an unrelenting and immersive experience. Our throughout-the-clock support and maintenance service also helps you keep your sports app updated and bug-free.

Some of our services include:

Fantasy Sports Social Mobile App Development

Skein Technologies specializes in developing fantasy sports social media mobile apps that will keep all the sports enthusiasts connected with sports, businesses, sports brands, and startups within one social fantasy sports network community. We develop a social app for fantasy sports as a bridge to connect fans and users within a sports fraternity.

Fantasy Sports Website Development

We have the experience of developing hundreds of web apps for clients from different sectors of multiple industries. Skein Technologies has made a name for itself in fantasy sports web app development for being very reliable and professional. We specialize in developing immersive, dynamic, responsive, and customized fantasy sports web app solutions.

Fantasy Sports Scoring System Development

You are playing fantasy sports, but you do not have a proper scoring system. Will it help? Certainly not. Skein Tech develops different fantasy scoring systems that will keep users engaged while playing the games in a competitive spirit. We believe a proper scoring system is essential for every fantasy sports website and mobile app.

Fantasy Sports Analytics Development

At Skein Technologies, we develop fantasy sports analytics tools alongside sports app development. Our developers build customized, statistical, and in-depth fantasy analytics software that helps you to display information about players and teams in real-time. It also shares the game statistics accurately. The software keeps track of every analysis in one comprehensive analytic software solution for your fantasy sports.

Fantasy Sports AR Development

We are a leading fantasy sports app development company that believes in keeping ourselves updated with the latest technologies. Augmented Reality (AR) is one technology that will help you attract more players to your sports app. Our team can effortlessly integrate AR tech with your fantasy sports app and give a new experience to your users. You can customize our AR technology as per your requirements.

Fantasy Sports Mobile App Development

Are you planning to create a fantasy sports mobile app for your customers? Our high-quality and intensive sports mobile app development services can help you create cross-platform and native mobile applications that are not only fast-paced but equally responsive. The apps also have features that will attract more customers to your business.

Key Features Of A Fantasy Sports App

Our fantasy sports app developers in India can provide you with several general and advanced features in your app and even in your website. Skein Technologies continuously strives to develop high-quality features that you can customize to scale your business. Some of the key features that our developers provide in your web and mobile apps include:

With our fantasy sports solutions, your players can view live scores and updates while playing a sport. Additionally, our leaderboard feature helps your user view who is on the top of the board. This makes the fantasy sport more competitive and fun. 

We provide multiple integration facilities with our fantasy sports app development services. Our developers can comfortably integrate your sports app with any CRM or third-party software. You can integrate your app with loyalty programs and social media to increase customer attention.

Our fantasy sports development services help your business earn extra revenue through your sports website or mobile app. It offers a fantasy sports ad module functionality that allows you to earn revenue with the help of Googe Ad and sponsorship deals.

We provide the GPS location tracking feature with our fantasy sports mobile app. It allows users to stay updated and get notifications about the tournaments and the locations. With this feature, players can participate in tournaments played in nearby locations.

Payments systems are simple in our fantasy sports web and mobile app. At Skien Tech, our developers are capable of integrating multiple payment options into your sports app to make the process faster and more secure. This includes debit/credit cards, e-wallets, net banking, and other payment systems.

Our developers are capable of integrating real-time analytics into your fantasy sports app. This technology is essential in applications such as these when the data has to be captured in real-time. The data captured is also stored in real-time. 

Why Choose Skein For Developing Your Fantasy Sports App?

By hiring our dedicated web development team from Skein Technologies, you can benefit from our simple yet very effective approach to fantasy sports app development services. We specialize in the art of creating a responsive and feature-rich fantasy sports application for all fantasy sports professionals, leagues, clubs, and enthusiasts. With our ready to execute IT infrastructure, you will get scalable mobile and web applications at your service on time.


We adopt the right strategy from the initial stages of development to the final stages of deployment.

Customized Content

Our applications give our users tailormade content like live updates on game status.

Support and Maintenance

Our continuous expert support for your games gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

Increase in Revenue

Our fantasy sports apps are very popular and can help increase your enterprise's revenue.

Assured Delivery

Being a leading fantasy sports app development company, we ensure our deliveries are on time and at affordable prices.

NDA Signed

We’ll maintain complete transparency with your organization and sign a non-disclosure agreement

Popular Fantasy Sports For Apps Development

We incorporate advanced app development technologies in every aspect of fantasy sports app development. We build interactive environments in the virtual world for all dedicated fantasy sports enthusiasts. Our high-quality apps are visually very attractive and provide unique features like broadcasting solutions and analytics to our users. 


Talk to the Skein team about a specific fantasy sports product you plan to develop.

Fantasy Cricket App

We develop highly intriguing fantasy cricket apps and white label fantasy cricket software for popular leagues. With our highly developed services, you get an engaging and feature-loaded fantasy cricket app that is fully customized as per your requirement. Talk to our fantasy sports experts today.

Fantasy Football App

The majority of sports enthusiasts prefer playing fantasy football over other sports. If you are planning to develop a fantasy football app for all football lovers and increase the revenue of your enterprise, you have come to the right place. Get your dedicated fantasy football sports app.

Fantasy Kabaddi App

Kabaddi is a popular sport, and our team of experienced sports app developers at Skein Tech knows the pulse of developing fantasy sports kabaddi apps. For all kabaddi lovers, we create kabaddi sports apps that are intuitive and engaging. It also comes loaded with multiple advanced features.

Frequently asked questions

Find some frequently asked questions by our clients when they engage with the fantasy app development services from Skein Technologies

To create a fantasy sports app for Android, iOS, and Web platforms will cost somewhere around $15000 to $20000, which is not a very big deal for seasoned business owners. Please speak to our fantasy sports app development experts for specific feature pricing and detailed quotation.

We can build various types of fantasy sports apps, including fantasy cricket apps, fantasy football apps, fantasy kabaddi apps, fantasy NBA apps, fantasy hockey apps, and many more. Do you have any specific sport in mind? Please speak to our customer service specialist today.

We have a complete source code delivery model for the traditional purchasers who wants complete right on the source code. It includes large corps and sports industry giants. We have different packages on the full code delivery model to make it more similar. Please speak to our experts for a complete understanding of the process.

Our dedicated maintenance and support team is available round the clock to give you continuous support and assistance whenever needed. We are there for you, from updating your app to making it error-free. Our team ensures the best quality product along with the best post-development support.

We believe in keeping our contracts with our clients 100% confidential. We are dedicated to our clients and ensure complete transparency between the clients and us. We will keep you updated on every move in your project status, and you alone shall be informed. We take the confidentiality clause very seriously.

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As a leading software development company, we simplify the process by creating state-of-the-art digital products such as Websites, Mobile Apps, Chatbots, 3D Product Configurators,  and more.

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