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What Is The Application of Blockchain Apps?

Blockchain technology is not limited to cryptocurrency or crypto transactions; its potential is skyrocketing when it comes to its applications. Being one of the recent technologies introduced globally, it has made a significant and quick impact on transforming various industries. Here are some of the most highlighted areas where blockchain application can be used:

Are You Looking For Expert Blockchain Developers For Your Business?

If you belong to various industries like Mobility, Healthcare, Banking, Trading, Retail, and much more similar to these, infusing blockchain technology into your business processes is a must. Here’s what our professional blockchain developers have in offering for you:

Our developers are experts in the field of developing blockchain applications for businesses from different industries. They’ll also suggest you some useful insights that can help your application to perform better.

Being one of the leading blockchain development company, we are familiar with all the latest technologies used in the blockchain industry and they’ll plan the most effective way to bring your idea to life using multiple technologies.

We’ll not deliver the result without doing rigorous testing from our expert developers. Once they are done with the development of your application, they’ll fix all the loopholes left so that you get the quality of work promised.

The end product delivered will be of top-notch quality and It will be able to compete with the world-class blockchain applications in your industry

At Skein Technologies, you hire a team of blockchain app developers and get a decentralized application for your business to improve its functionalities.

Client’s satisfaction is the main priority for Skein Technologies and our resources always provide the expected result in the quickest time.

Technology Stack and Blockchain Platforms We Use For Blockchain App Development

We don’t use mediocre-level software to deliver our top-quality results. Here are some of the premium blockchain technologies we make use of:


Ethereum is one of the top decentralized open-source platforms available in the market.


Hyperledger is used to build stable frameworks, libraries, and tools for enterprise-level applications.


It's also an open-source platform based on smart contracts, which focuses on transactions’ privacy.


It is a fast development blockchain open-source platform that cuts the development time to 80%.


EOS.IO is based upon the cryptocurrency EOS. It can conduct over a billion transactions within a minute.


Stellar is a decentralized, open-source protocol for digital money which permits transactions between any two currencies.


Tron is also a decentralized network where DApps can operate faster, lower energy consumption, and improve safety.


IOTA is designed for the IoT (Internet of Things). It is an open-source cryptocurrency and distributed ledger.

Our Process of Blockchain App Development

We follow a highly professional methodology to develop a blockchain application project. From the first day to the day we deliver the project, our team will work in sync with you, and based on our meetings and your requirements, we’ll develop the desired end product for your business. Here’s a brief list of our steps for completing a blockchain project through our blockchain development services:

Frequently asked questions

Find some frequently asked questions by our clients when they engage with the mobile app development services from Skein technologies

Well, there are many reasons why you should invest in blockchain technology. For starters, it will help to automate your business, lower the replication of data, provide faster transactions, provide solid security, and it will cost you less to store your data.

Most of the technologies are effective as they help in providing a great user experience. But some of them are Stellar, Corda and Multichain.

You need to keep in mind the company’s experience, the previous results they have delivered, reviews and ratings, background, and size. SkeinTech can be your first choice as we score high in all these aspects.

There are a lot of factors that’ll affect the overall cost of your project. Some factors like industry compliance, the complexity of the application, your goals, and requirements. But don’t worry, we at Skein Technologies discuss everything prior to kick-starting the project and we also have an NDA (Non Disagreement Agreement) to make things legally pitch-perfect.

Again it’s totally a dependent thing. There are a lot of factors that are involved to decide the total time of the project. We’ll first analyze the complexity of the application, your desires, and then plan out a path to bring your idea to life within a limited amount of time. We won’t exceed a second to the promised time period.

Case Studies

Sugam – Ecommerce App

Sugam is one of the leading online grocery shopping apps, which collaborates with farmers and consumers across Chennai in India. Sugam has enhanced its advantages and benefits in the eCommerce ecosystem services.

Knowledge Checkers – E-learning Platform

Knowledge checkers is an online digital e-learning application providing a one-stop solution to host your Flipped Classroom based on the bloom taxonomy model and learn management system.

iMeetify – Virtual Meeting Organizer

iMeetify is your personalized meeting organizer, enabling you to plan meetings with ease. It helps you enhance your firm’s productivity and revenue and has an admirable and good-looking user experience.

Grocery Shopping List

Carry Bag makes your online shopping experience more comfortable and faster. You could create your customized shopping list for your grocery purchases and share it with your friends.

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