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Transform your ideas into reality with an end-to-end agile, mobile app development process. We at Skein Technologies deliver custom mobile app development that matches your expectations and deliver you a world-class mobile app development experience.

There’s no compromise in the quality of the product delivered as our quality assurance team thoroughly checks every nitty-gritty detail regarding the project.

Find The Best App Developers For Your Business Needs

With over 10 years of experience in the mobile app development industry, we at Skein Technologies have the expertise to deliver software development solutions that can help you outshine your competitors. Being one of the leading mobile app development companies in Dubai, we have worked with hundreds of leading businesses and delivered tailored mobile app development solutions.

Why Choose Skein Technologies for Mobile App Development Solutions

Our professional approach and utter grit to deliver excellent mobile development results for our clients are unparalleled in the industry.

We strive to transform the mobile app development industry with a skilled and talented team of professionals by introducing out-of-thinking and the latest technologies. We tailor our development approach to fulfill your expectations with finesse.

Right Technology Service

Our team of experts finalizes the most suitable technologies and platforms for the development process according to your requirements. Our developers have expertise in all the mobile development platforms and tools to deliver you desired results. Based on your development reviews, we can make the required changes in your application's design, functionalities, or other areas.

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated teams of strategists, developers, testers, and customer support work in sync day in and day out to ensure that you get the best results from Skein Technologies. Our hiring process is streamlined, and we only associate with the best talent available in the industry. We have teams that can handle projects of different complexities and scale.

Best User Experience

Being the leading app development service provider in Dubai, we ensure our mobile apps deliver the best user experience. Our creative designers and developers sprinkle their magic in the project to create an intuitive, well-designed product to hook your audience. We take UX/UI design seriously at Skein Technologies and work actively to deliver the best results.

Quick Deployment

Our expert team can help you with the app's deployment. From Google Play Store to Apple Play Store, we can help you launch your applications on multiple mobile app marketplaces based on your requirement. We also deliver post-deployment support to help you bypass different difficulties in the real world.

Mobile App Development Services We Provide In Dubai, UAE

We at Skein Technologies have the talent and the expertise to match your expectations and deliver your desired results. From Android to iOS mobile app development, from React Native to Flutter-based development, we offer multiple options to accomplish your sophisticated demands and goals.

Android App

Make an impact on the largest mobile users' market with an effective Android mobile application for your business. We offer end-to-end development and deployment support for your Android-based project. Our experts have hands-on experience in delivering the best Android applications for multiple business industries, and we can do the same for your business.

iOS App

Connect with Apple users with our intuitive and well-designed iOS mobile app development in Dubai. Our developers can use different dedicated iOS development platforms to entice the users to stay glued to your application. We can assist you to keep your iOS app updated with periodic features and security updates to make it the best in your industry.

React Native App

Build exquisite mobile applications for Android or iOS users with the help of React Native framework-based app development. You can choose the platform you want to launch the application, and our experts can deliver you the engaging and professional native application. Deliver the quality user experience your target audience deserves.

Flutter App

Launch your application on multiple marketplaces with our cross-platform app development with Flutter SDK. Our developers can leverage Flutter's features to the developer community and use them for your benefit. We have inside-out knowledge of the development platform to help you achieve your desired app development results.

Web App

Convert your existing applications into a dedicated web application or build one from scratch. With Skein Technologies app development solutions, you get tailored solutions to your dynamic problems. We have immense experience in delivering the best web applications, making us the leading app developers in Dubai.

Custom App

Skein Technologies can help you in getting a custom application developed as per your requirements and features that you require. Our experienced mobile app developers in Dubai use latest technologies and concepts to build robust mobile applications that can be customized as per business use case.

Our Mobile Application Development Process

Our development process is smooth and agile to achieve your desired outcomes within the promised time. We have professional team leaders who ensure the team sticks to the plan of action and adheres to the standard operating procedure set at Skein Technologies. There’s no compromise in the quality of results delivered from our end.


Business Analysis & Strategy

We kickstart the development process by understanding your business and analyzing the feasibility of achieving your project requirement. Our team of strategists put out different ideas and minimize the complexities surrounding your mobile app development project.


We dive deep into the nitty-gritty elements of your requirements and goals and ask multiple questions surrounding your project to get a crystal clear understanding moving forward.


Design & Development

Our teams of designers and developers continue to work on the planning done by our strategic experts. With the creative thinking and professional skill set, we develop the UX/UI of your application and complete the project development in the promised time.


We aim to deliver results to match your expectations, but if you think there’s still room for improvement, we’ll be more than happy to do it.


QA & Deployment

Our quality assurance team tests multiple real-world scenarios on the project to spot and fix the technical glitches and bugs to complete end-to-end agile, mobile app development.


We ensure there’s no stone left unturned to leave behind minimal room for error. We also help you with a smooth deployment process based on your choice of marketplaces.


Maintenance & Support

We offer 24*7 post-development support to help you bypass troubles and technical issues within no time. Our customer support has experience in handling complex customer queries.


We also help you launch periodic features and security updates in your application to help it adapt to the changing times.

We Serve Different Domains & Industries

We have 10 years of experience in mobile app development. We have worked for multiple business sectors and delivered the best mobile app development irrespective of the project’s size and complexity. We understand the considerations and requirements different industries possess and focus on delivering your desired results.


Build dedicated food ordering applications or digitize your restaurant business with the help of talented mobile app developers at Skein Technologies. Our developers have in-depth experience delivering premium and intuitive restaurant industry mobile applications for food lovers. Deliver your target audience with the blend of premium quality user experience and goodness of good food.


Create a robust medical ecosystem for your hospital or medical institute or help your patients connect with the doctors more effectively. Our developers have delivered powerful integrated mobile applications with the power of text, voice, and video for a robust communication ecosystem. We offer packaged medical app development solutions based on your unique requirements to better health infra.


Deliver the best eLearning experience for students by connecting them with your teaching staff. We at Skein Technologies can deliver you the best education app development solutions based on the scale of your institute and unique requirements. We cover a wide range of services like tuition, skill-boosting, corporate training, dedicated LMS, among others. Our team has experience handling sophisticated eLearning solutions.

Banking & Finance

Provide a safe and secure ecosystem for banking and finance with our next-gen advanced mobile app development. From mobile payment transfers to banking applications, we at Skein Technologies can handle different complexities. We can help you integrate features like wallets, anti-theft, anti-fraud mechanisms, interactive interface, and two-step authentication for robust banking and finance mobile app development.


Manage your construction business with finesse and streamline the workflow. From inventory updates to employee status, from deadlines to supplier management, we at Skein Technologies have the skillset and the expertise to solve your complex construction problems. Have a bird’s-eye view of your business operation with the assistance of our mobile app developers in Dubai, UAE.


From music streaming to video streaming, from podcast streaming to other forms of entertainment applications, our mobile developers at Skein Technologies can help you achieve all. With our intuitive design and out-of-the-box thinking, hook your audience to your mobile application and deliver a relaxing and entertaining experience.

Frequently asked questions

Find some frequently asked questions by our clients when they engage with the mobile app development services from Skein Technologies

It depends on multiple factors. But on average, an enterprise-level mobile application can range between $5,000 and $500,000 in Dubai, depending upon the project complexity and your requirement and goals. But at Skein Technologies, you get the lowest customized rates because we stand out from the rest of the mobile app developers in Dubai.

We offer end-to-end mobile app development solutions for different industries and scale businesses. We deliver it at cost-effective pricing from development to deployment, from maintenance to support. Also, our dedicated team of experts in a different segment of mobile app development helps us stand out from the rest.

The completion time of the mobile app development project can depend on multiple factors. On average enterprise-level mobile applications can take 12-20 weeks to complete rigorous testing. We at Skein Technologies follow the SOPs to achieve the mobile app development and deployment task within a minimal promised time.

Yes, you can track app development progress as we sign a non-disclosure agreement at the start of the development process to maintain complete transparency between our organizations. We also aim to lay the foundation stone of trust for all our future endeavors together. We also keep your app confidential and won’t disclose the developmentals in the public domain.

We offer 24*7 post-development services to support you in easily solving any technical glitches or dynamic hiccups. We also provide maintenance support for your application with periodic security and feature updates to ensure that your application remains up-to-date with the changing industry and consumer requirements.

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