The Complete Mobile App Development Process 2022

Mobile App Development Process

If your business doesn’t have a mobile app yet, you miss out on a multi-billion dollar industry!

It is estimated that by the end of 2020, mobile apps are expected to generate the US $189 billion


Because people are glued to countless mobile apps available across various app stores.

Moreover, do you know what people do on their smart devices?

Well, more than 90%of mobile usage time is spent scrolling through different mobile apps.

Did you know that there are approximately 2.2 to 2.8 million apps on the Apple Store and Google Play Store? This means that almost every other business is investing in developing a mobile app for themselves.

Don’t you want your venture to taste the success of the mobile app’s era?

Don’t you want to be a part of this thriving industry?

Of course, you want it – and we are there to help you scale up!

How To Build Your First Successful Mobile App?

Every business, new and old, needs a mobile app in this century of smartphones.

Smartphones and app usage penetration won’t take any downward turn in its growth rate.

So let’s talk about how to develop a mobile app for your business?

Where to get professionals who can deliver the best app for your business?

Answering these questions is essential because developing a mobile app can be a really burdensome and demanding task to perform. You need to take care of every nitty-gritty detail from the planning to strategizing, from design to development, and from testing to the final launch.

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Let us share the good news: You need not worry about all of this because we at Skein Technologies have got you covered. We have an experienced and professional team of designers, coders, thinkers that can bring your business idea into the hands of your valuable customers.

Here are a few steps we follow to deliver your mobile app, from our first day of consultation to the lifetime support you’ll get after the delivery of the app:

Don’t Hire Us Until You Learn How We Can Help You Develop The Right Application & Grow Your Business.

9 Steps For Your Mobile App Development

Step 1. Project Prerequisites

Knowing everything about your business and how you want your app to work and look like is the very first step in the journey of developing a successful app.

So, once you get in touch with our consultants, we will strategize:

  1. What will your app look like?
  2. What features do you want to include?
  3. What’s your budget?
  4. What mission and vision you’re trying to fulfill through your app?
  5. What alarming problems will your app solve?

The initial discovery session will help us understand your expectations from the app.

Once we understand the requirements, our team will then proceed to the next step in the journey.

Step 2. Appraisal & Outsight of Your Project

After the initial brainstorming, we’ll prepare a plan of action for your project.

At SKEIN TECHNOLOGIES, we believe in first preparing a blueprint which is the best way to proceed with your unique product. Only after you approve the first draft, we’ll structure the legalities.

Step 3. Paperwork

We’ll sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with you once we finalize all the planning and budget.

The paperwork will cover all the legal formalities so that there are no chances of misunderstanding during your successful mobile app development.

Signing an NDA ensures that all your intellectual properties and app ideas are safe with us, and you are the proprietor of your ideas.

After the paper works are in order, we’ll now develop your visual idea as a tangible product!

Step 4. Wireframes of The App

After we have figured out all the details, we’ll make the project wireframes.

Our developers will make the digital sketches, and these wireframes will give visual structure to your mobile applicationS.

Apart from color schemes and styles, a handy wireframe enhances the user experience. Upon your feedback, we’ll then work on developing the aesthetics of the app.

Step 5. UI/UX Design

This is one of the important steps while developing an application.

It bases the success of your app – how efficiently your customers are benefiting and adapting to all the app’s features.

To make the user experience seamless, our team of professional designers will give a polished look to your app.

They will refine the user interface and user experience of your app so that it’s user-friendly, interactive, and intuitive.

To make sure we are on the right track and are in accordance with your requirements, we’ll provide you with all the initial prototypes and mock-ups of your app.

Contact our experts to know how we can help you build customized mobile app development

Step 6. App Development

In this stage, we will work on strategizing the app. We’ll use the best suitable technology stack for your mobile application development.

There are three integral stages of mobile app development:

  1. Back-end
  2. API’s
  3. Front-end


Server-side objects and databases necessary for the proper functioning of your mobile app are included in the back end/server technology part.

They will form the backbone of your mobile application as without this your app will be nothing.


API’s or Application Programming Interface is an important part of mobile app development, as they are used as a communication link between the back end and the application.


This will be the front face of your mobile app which the user will use.

We’ll make it interactive and easy to use for the user. All the features will be visible to the user.

After all the development process completes, we’ll present you with the first draft of everything we’ve built for your approval.

After this, we’ll move a step further towards validation.

After your approval, we’ll work on testing the app.

Step 7. Rigorous Testing

This is an exciting step in the app development life-cycle as the app is almost ready for launch. Our testing team will handle this important task for your application.

Our testing team will thoroughly check for those minute flaws to make sure you get a properly functioning app

Our team will go through rigorous testing to find all the bugs or glitches and then resolve them.

Our testing team tests different real-world situations to check the behavior of the application and to rectify all the technical faults left if any.

After this step is complete, we are ready for the launch.

Step 8. Official Release

Once you approve the final product and feel satisfied with it, we will help you launch your app in different app stores.

We’ll try to launch into as many marketplaces as possible so that it is accessible to a wide range of users.

Our team will monitor the terms and conditions of each marketplace so that your app complies with all of those rules set.

It is advisable that your marketing team starts with the process prior to the launch so that your launch can be a blockbuster.

Step 9. Post-launch Support

Once your app is launched in the market, we will still be there with you if you require any of our assistance.

We’ll regularly update your application with new features from time to time. We will make sure it is compatible with the latest operating system updates rolling out on different devices.

Also, if at any stage you want to change something which your users or you don’t feel right after the official launch, we’ll take the required action.

This wraps up the detailed discussion of each step involved in hiring a mobile app development agency.

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Get In Touch With Our Consultants

We develop every app like a child, we nurture it, we take care of it, we try to make it perfect, and we are by its side for a lifetime.

So, if you want your business app to be amongst the best, be interactive, be flawless, and successful, then you are just one step away from getting the development process started

Get in touch with our experienced consultants and discuss all your wants and needs. We’ll help you turn your vision of your iPhone app into a reality.

Apart from this, if you have any doubts related to any step, write it down in the comments below. Our experts will reach out to you as soon as possible.

> Contact our experts to know how we can help you build customized mobile app development

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