Mobile Concierge App Development for Hotels: A Complete Guide

Mobile Concierge App Development for Hotels

People value time more than money in this fast-moving, competitive world where everyone is constantly on the run. They want someone to take care of their less significant responsibilities. This requirement has made specialized concierge services very popular. 

Every consumer today wants something beyond basic services. They desire distinctive, emotional experiences that take their communication above the ordinary. Concierge applications have become an excellent example of customer-centric experiences with improved technological advancements.

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What Is A Mobile Concierge App?

A hotel mobile concierge app is a software solution for room management in a hotel. The innovative solution can improve the guest’s experience significantly and make sure that their stay is comfortable in the hotel. 

The fundamental idea behind a concierge service app is to improve the customer experience and enhance the hotel’s functioning—everything through the app. The mobile hotel concierge service includes a gamut of services, including room service, restaurant booking, check-in, and check-out to booking flights and taxis. 

What are the Types of Concierge Apps?

There is a considerable demand for concierge apps. This might seem crazy, but the hospitality sector is contributing $3.44 trillion to the global economy through 700000+ hotels across the globe. It is expected that the App Store (android and IOS) will host more than 5 million mobile apps by the end of 2022. So, it is apparent that if a hotelier or a travel agent develops a concierge app, it will always give them an edge over their competitors.

Is mobile concierge app development on your mind? You can connect with us if you have any such ideas for developing an app for your business. 

Before we move ahead with the other details of the mobile concierge app, let us know about the various types of concierge apps.

Types of Concierge Apps

1. Front Desk Concierge App

This is primarily a customer service app. The app helps customers order room service. It also helps them with check-in and check-outs and helps them with information about the prices of the rooms. The front desk hotel concierge app also helps customers book restaurants and other places of interest like spas and gyms.

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2. Travel Assistant Hotel Concierge App

The travel assistant hotel concierge app allows guest to book their cabs, flights, and a city guide. The guest can also get information about hotels and restaurants in other cities. A guest can do much more with the travel assistant app. 

3. Hotel Concierge Conference Manager App

The hotel concierge conference manager app takes care of the events for the guests at the hotel. With this service, you can conduct conferences and meetings, regulate floor temperatures, manage beverage servings, and other group gatherings activities. 

Depending on the specific needs of their target customers, every hotelier can develop a customized concierge app for better customer service

Characteristics of a Successful Concierge App 

Let us look at a concierge app’s basic features that make it so successful.

1. Registration and Login

The hotel concierge app would require personal information and a payment gateway to operate. For this, it is necessary that users are able to register with the app and sign in as and when required. Nobody would want to input the same information again and again, and hence signing up with the application makes the work simpler. 

This also increases the security of the user’s personal data. Moreover, registered users can receive personalized notifications about deals specifically designed for them.

Characteristics of a Successful Concierge App 

2. In-App Search

The hotel concierge app is highly beneficial to chains of hotels under the same ownership. It becomes easy for searching hotels as per the budget of the guest, and it helps drive business without losing it. The in-app search system makes searching for hotels easier.

3. Booking

Booking is a multi-layered feature and an important characteristic of a successful concierge app. It is also complicated. When users book a room through the guest app, their decision is based on many factors, such as the room’s price, location of the hotel, and members per room. Also, guests should be able to use any promotional features or loyalty bonuses if applicable.

Guests can also avail themselves of additional features like a gym, swimming pools, and other benefits offered by the hotels. Hence, the app should be such that it is able to accommodate all the benefits before the payment is made.

4. Payment Method

As mentioned earlier, one of the most essential features is the payment method. Creating a concierge app with all advanced features but not a payment gateway makes little sense. The payment method could be customized or a third-party system. Whatever be the option, ensure the system is secure.

If the payment method is not a third-party system, it should meet all the security protocols and updated data regulations.

5. Direct Contact

This feature is essential in all hotel concierge apps. A “contact us” button should be available for guests to contact the hotel in case of any query or resolution to a problem. 

6. Admin Panel

This is the final feature present in a concierge app. This feature includes all the internal processes of the application. It is primarily the backend of the app that manages data, tracks booking and reservations, and manages the income. The Admin panel can have various features depending on what you want from your app. 

Some advanced features that every digital concierge mobile app should have include:

  • One-touch room service – The primary function of a hotel is room service, and your hotel concierge app should have a one-touch service app for guest comfort.
  • Automated check-in and check-out – With the NFC technology being popular, you can make payments with your phone and open room doors with it. NFC-equipped locks would enable guests to check-in without standing at the front desk and check out the same way. 
  • Hotel map – It is important that the guest app include a hotel map for the benefit of the customers during their stay. Large multistorey hotels can also use geofencing technology for indoor navigation.

Benefits of Developing Concierge Apps For Hotels and Restaurant Business

Some ‌benefits of the concierge app for hotel and restaurant businesses include:

1. The hotel concierge app helps you understand your guests’ specific needs. The unique features within the app analyze the guest’s behavior and give an exclusive report of their requirements.

2. The hotel app would help you treat your guests as per their expectations. This increases the chances of having their loyalty by retaining them as your customers.

3. An important benefit of a hotel concierge app is that you can improve your brand visibility. These apps have the potential to reach out to customers who are looking for the exact services that you offer.

4. With a hotel concierge app, you can reach out to your guests and resolve their queries efficiently without making their stay unpleasant.

5. A mobile concierge app for hotels is an excellent marketing tool for reaching out to a broader audience across different parts of the world.

6. Since the concierge apps are digitally controlled, there is almost no chance of human errors.

7. From the perspective of handling resources, the concierge app helps you manage staff productivity and channel the communication flow within the team.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Concierge App For Hotels?

The pricing of developing a mobile concierge app varies depending on your requirements. While the price is calculated by multiplying the rate per hour by the number of hours needed for development, the rate per hour varies from region to region. (For the purpose of calculation, we are considering $50 per hour as the standard rate.) The final charge includes the app for Android and IOS with UI/UX design and back end. 

The cost of developing a hotel concierge app will be based on the total number of hours developers spend on the app. 

The approximate time and cost for app development are given in the table –

FeatureDevelopment Time (Approximate hours)Approximate Costs in USD ( Standard amount considered as $50 for calculation)
Authorization79 hours$3950
User Profile73 hours$3650
In-app Search104 hours$5200
Reservation75 hours$3750
Payment System148 hours$7400
In-app Messenger291 hours$14,550
Admin Panel219 hours$10950
Suggestion System27 hours$1350
Push Notifications48 hours$2400
Automated Check-in and Check-out317 hours$15850
Frameworks Integration74 hours$3700
Third-party Services11 hours per service$550

These amounts are all in the approximate figures. It isn’t easy to ascertain the exact expense without knowing specific details. The prices also heavily vary because of the region. 

Depending on the region, developers can give you the hourly rates, which can be as follows:

India20 – 30 USD/hr
USA100 – 150 USD/hr
Canada100 – 150 USD/hr
UK50 – 100 USD/hr
UAE30 -60 USD/hr

Please get in touch with us at Skein’s app development services for more details on the cost.

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Develop an App – The Skein Technologies Experience

We are sure that this article will help you in deciding about developing a concierge app for your hospitality business. Ensure the app’s design is such that it becomes a powerful tool for promoting your business. You can also take the benefits of hybrid concierge apps that combine AI and humans and helps you to target a particular group of audiences. 

The future belongs to concierge apps. They are going to change how the hotel and travel sector operates. It is the best time to be a part of the revolution and enjoy the benefits. 

We can help you build your app idea. Get in touch with us at Skientech for tech consultation and project estimates.

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