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Do you know that your business could turn into a brand by creating an app? 

While a responsive mobile optimized website surely gives users to access you on a smartphone, imagine the potential of offering a personalized experience with just a tap. 

Thanks to the technology, you can now convert your WordPress site into a mobile app quickly with simple steps using just a couple of tools and plugins. 


With just a few clicks, you can deliver an unparalleled experience for your users at their fingertips. That being said, here are a few WordPress plugins that will help you turn your website into an app quickly.

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1. MobiLoud


MobiLoud is a powerful, customizable white-label platform that lets you convert a WordPress website into a native mobile application for Android and iOS. 

This powerful platform has two products: 

  • Commerce for WooCommerce Apps, and 
  • Canvas for websites to native apps

It offers end-to-end services that include everything you ever need to launch your app successfully. 

It is a terrific plugin that comes with a customizable interface that enables you to integrate existing themes and plugins.

Key Features:

  • Offers a native tab menu, which becomes the core of an application
  • Configuration dashboard to control everything of your app in real-time
  • Fully customizable according to your custom color scheme, splash screen, and logo
  • Gives personalized support via emails and calls
  • Allows users to review and rate your application

One of the reasons why MobiLoud is an ideal plugin is that it is highly affordable.

Pricing: The setup and configuration of a startup start at $160/month.

2. AndroApp


As the name speaks for itself, AndroApp is another useful plugin to turn WordPress into a mobile app. And, the best part is that you don’t need any coding knowledge for this conversion. 

Key Features:

  • WordPress super caching for fast load times and offline saves
  • Offers unlimited push notifications
  • Possibility to save content offline
  • Provides monetization of WordPress mobile app
  • Integrates social share buttons for WhatsApp, Facebook, and that includes image zoom effect

If you are someone who has a budget constraint, AndroApp is a suitable choice. 

However, AndroApp also has a slight drawback. It is not compatible with WooCommerce and iOS either. 

But, if the majority of your audience is Android users, you can have an Android testable app with personalized features of your choice.

Pricing: The best part about this plugin is that it is free for the first month, and after that, AndroApp charges a reasonable $66/year.

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3. WPMobile.App


Yet another reliable plugin to convert a WordPress site into a mobile app is WPMobile.App. This plugin allows you to build apps for both Android and iOS. 

This open-source software comes with a wide range of benefits ranging from customization to compatibility to configuration. 

Previously known as WPMobile.Ninja, this plugin stands out for its pricing structure. However, do not assume it skimps on features for its pricing, because you get all the following.

Key Features:

  • Fully customizable app theme with 24 colors, 20 widgets, JavaScript, CSS, and more
  • Unlimited downloads and updates
  • Real-time updates (the app reflects the changes as soon as you made them)
  • Social share buttons like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook
  • Automatic language translation with Weglot
  • Unlimited push notifications and offline content

Pricing: WPMobile.App plugin is reliable to convert WordPress site into a Mobile App and comes with affordable pricing. Surprisingly, both Android and iOS cost €79 (lifetime). 

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4. AppPresser


Building mobiles has never been easier. AppPresser, is an app builder specialized in integrating WordPress with incredible plugins and functionalities. 

Instead of converting a website into an application, AppPresser rather connects an app made with their service to your website. 

This plugin promises instant visual feedback, customization, and testing like a native app-building platform. 

It allows you to build apps from any kind of WordPress site such as WooCommerce, Membership, Podcast, LearnDash, Nonprofit, and much more. We believe AppPresser is ideal for any WordPress-based small business.

Key Features:

  • Users can use a native device camera to upload photos from the library
  • Lets users register and log in within the app
  • Integrates with AdMob to monetize your app with banner ads
  • Allows users to check in and display their location on a map
  • Users can integrate Google Analytics to track their app usage

As encouraging as the features, AppPresser also gives a free 30-minute setup call with their pricing plans. Additionally, they offer a 14-day free trial for any plan, and you will be automatically charged after the trial unless you abort. 

If you are still not convinced to go mobile, you need to hear this out loud. Modern consumer behavior prefers comfort over anything, and a dedicated mobile application of your business gives them the same.

Pricing: While an Advanced plan starts from $129/month, a standard plan costs as low as $59/month. Also, you would require to purchase your own Android and Apple developer accounts for $99 and $25/year, respectively.

Wordpress Plugins To Turn Your Site into a Mobile App

4 Main Benefits of Mobile Apps for Business

1. Provide more value to your customers

In order to stand out in this rapidly growing business world, you need to stand in for some things. 

Like, an app solely dedicated to your business. 

One of the reasons why your business needs an app is that you can directly interact with your customers on a deeper personal level. 

You can build a strong strategy considering their shopping behavior and buyer persona to push those special discount offers at the right time.

2. More Personalized Experience

Personalization is the ability to tailor messages to your customers. 

Imagine the first thing you see when opening an app is, “Good morning, Selena!” While it does not seem like a big thing, it would bring a smile to the user’s face. 

With the mobile applications, you can track and act on users’ interactions to provide what provokes them the most. Now you know why you endlessly scroll Instagram.

3. Increases Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the extent to which customers can recognize your business under certain conditions (that is a story for another time). 

A dedicated mobile app puts you literally on their phone, giving access 24×7. It also allows you to communicate with your audience regularly.

4. Potential Marketing Channel

Remember the push notifications we have been talking about since the beginning? 

Push notifications are a blessing for mobile applications. 

Ask yourself, how many times have you opened an app just by tapping on that notification? 

The power of push notification is undeniable. But the key is to know what to send and when to send it.


People are turning to smartphones for everything, and the reason is simple. Smartphones provide better access, comfort, and dependency. 

Even though these websites mentioned above are good for a basic website to app conversion but they are not that customizable. If you want to get a customizable version of your website converted into an app then you should be looking for experienced mobile app developers.

Contact our team of experts to convert your website into an application (both iOS and Android).

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