How to Implement AI in Web Development: A Complete Guide

Implementing AI in Website Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to computers being programmed to imitate human intelligence, and perform actions and tasks as a human would. We are surrounded by applications that run on AI; Google Assistant, Siri, Echo Dot, Alexa, and other built-in smart assistants.

Everything on our phones, smart home devices, and appliances like refrigerators and washing machines are some examples of AI in our daily surroundings.

But what is Artificial Intelligence in web development?

As we know, software professionals go through a tedious process of coding and programming to develop a web application. However, with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it is possible to use AI-powered toolkits to develop robust websites and automate developers. The better the algorithm of an AI model, the faster and more efficient will be the app development process.

We will discuss some of these web development AI tools ahead. Let’s understand what the benefits of AI in web development are.

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Benefits of AI in Web Development

Here are the benefits of AI to create web applications:

  1. Decreased human error: AI can help avoid mistakes in repeatable tasks through effective algorithms that can carry out automated operations with ease.
  2. Available 24×7: With AI, we can make machines work throughout the day without taking any breaks, unlike humans. It also allows global web apps to avoid time zone issues.
  3. Digital assistance: AI provides digital assistance as chatbots to interact with users. This saves the need for human resources.
  4. Faster decision-making: AI-powered machines help make quicker decisions by providing relevant search data and insights. Voice-based software is faster and more comfortable to use as search engines.
  5. Natural communication process: AI-powered apps use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to imitate human language to make the interaction more natural and human-like for customers. AI machines will soon learn to recognize emotions and identify human dispositions.
  6. Managing repetitive tasks: AI helps a company avoid day-to-day tedious tasks like sending verification emails or transaction messages. Automating these tasks helps humans to focus more on creative aspects.
  7. Providing customized experience: Considering customer’s choices and preferences, e-commerce websites have made customer experience more personalized. This drives greater engagement and leads to increased conversions and sales.
  8. Helping in research and data analysis: AI algorithms can effectively extract insights and analytics from copious amounts of data. This data is analyzed to implement advanced strategies for customer growth.

How Can You Implement AI in Web Development?

AI-enabled web development tools are used to carry out repeatable and lengthy tasks at work.

Here are some AI tools in web development to enhance efficiency in your business operations and drive customer experience:


Keras provides a Python interface for developing and analyzing deep learning models. Designed to enable quick-paced experimentation with deep neural networks, it focuses on easy extensibility, user-friendly, and lessens the cognitive load. As Keras is written in Python code, it is compact and easy to debug.

Google’s AutoML

Google’s AutoML (Automated Machine Learning), launched in 2017, automatically applies machine learning to real-world problems. It is an AI-based solution to overcome the challenge of applying machine learning. Through AutoML, even amateurs can use high defined machine learning models easily.


Theano is a Python library primarily developed by the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA). It helps in optimizing, manipulating, and evaluating mathematical expressions. With GPU, it can perform intensive scientific computations 140 times faster than a CPU. Computations in Theano demonstrate using NumPy-Esque syntax to run efficiently in CPU or GPU architectures.


CAFFE 2 (Convolutional Architecture for Fast Feature Embedding) is another in-depth learning methodology written in C++ with a Python interface. CAFFE is made to support developers and researchers by providing a fast, intuitive, and flexible architecture. Any optimizations are possible through configuration with no need for hard-coding.

Scikit Learn

Scikit Learn, also known as sklearn, is a free and well-known software machine learning library. It uses a Python interface to provide supervised or unsupervised learning algorithms. Scikit Learn is used for commercial reasons and sometimes to fulfill academic purposes. Scikit Learn executes feature determination, changing information, and ensemble techniques in a couple of lines.

Sketch2Code by Microsoft

Sketch2Code uses AI to interpret hand-drawn patterns and convert them into HTML code. Take a photo of your sketches, upload them in the Sketch2Code app, and you will see an instant conversion on your browser. The manual code creation process is also faster through Sketch2code. It can extract the code not just in HTML but also in XAML and UWP (Universal Windows Platform).

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AI And The Future of Web Development

During the pandemic, many companies reorganized their operations for a remote-working world. They specifically spent more on cloud-computing technologies and shifted most of their work and communications online. These changes accelerated the need for AI in web development in 2020.

AI proved to be a useful tool in fighting Covid-19 too. For instance, Amazon Web Services’ ‘BlueDot’, an outbreak risk software, safeguards lives by reducing vulnerability to infectious diseases that threaten human health, security, and prosperity.

AI already plays a crucial role in the development and scalability of web apps. In 2018, AI Oracle and Venture capitalist Dr Kai-Fu Lee said, “AI is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity.”

Aspects of AI in Web Development that are poised to transform the future are:

  1. Web Development
  2. Automation of repeatable tasks
  3. Search Engine Optimization techniques
  4. Personalized user experience
  5. Streamlined testing and interpretation

Global Impact of AI-Based Web Projects

  1. Education: Institutes and textbooks will be digitized. The facial analysis will determine the student’s interests and mood, and provide them with a tailor-made experience.
  2. Healthcare: Diseases will be diagnosed more quickly. AI-backed Electronic Health Records (EHR) on cloud platforms are already transforming the medicinal sector by streamlining accessibility and security. Data analysis AI tools will also help in providing personalized patient experience and allowing doctors to take faster decisions.
  3. Transportation: AI-powered cars transport us from one place to another. This is already a norm in several parts of the world.
  4. Manufacturing: AI-powered robots will carry out day-to-day repetitive tasks instead of humans. Reduction in human errors and productive manufacturing will increase business efficiency.

The Future of AI

AI in web development has become an indispensable catalyst in ensuring an organization’s success. Nearly 73% of global consumers say they are open to the use of AI by businesses to make life easier. Revenue generation from AI is expected to reach $118.6 billion by 2025.

Working remotely in 2020 proved to be a catalyst for AI-based inventions. The trends that came to the fore during the pandemic will sustain their applicability in the coming times and help industries grow exponentially. AI-based web projects are poised to play a significant role in providing a better end-user experience and increasing a business’s operational efficiency.

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