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Skein Technologies beats all by a mile when it comes to the best marketplace for hiring top business intelligence experts, business intelligence developers, coders, programmers, architects, and consultants.

All the premier organizations and start-ups have Skein Tech as their first choice to recruit from for all critical software projects. 

Hire Business Intelligence Experts Remotely

Hire remote business intelligence experts with a talent for collecting, collating, and presenting data in a simplified and actionable manner. Build your team of timezone-friendly BI developers with Skein Technologies today.

Choose from our global talent pool of more than 1.5 million plus developers across 100+ skills to scale your team effortlessly. We deliver the best resources that satisfy your requirements.

We choose software engineers based upon their fundamental skills through a proper vetting mechanism and offer you the top remote business intelligence experts. These developers are in the top 1% of the BI fraternity.

Our in-depth analysis of the resumes allows us to assess the developer’s strengths and weaknesses and create a deep profile. The next time you are exploring new hires, you have the advantage of knowing the candidate better.

You can get maximum visibility into the actions of your remote engineers with automatic time tracking and daily stand-ups. Get the best productivity from the developers by keeping track of their work patterns.

You will have your requirements for a particular project. We match profiles per the desired requirements, so your task becomes easy. We also ensure the smooth onboarding of the candidates and take the pain off your back.

We streamline the management with billing visibility, international payments, and payment compliance. Our processes are very transparent and easygoing.

Business Analytics Services Our Experts Offer

Business analytics services help enable organized data-driven decision-making across the enterprise. As an experienced provider of BI solutions, SKEIN experts integrate multi-source data and apply analytics techniques to gather insights from the input records automatically. We will meet your specific business intelligence objectives and solve any BI-related issues to help you differentiate the guesswork from your decision-making.

Business Intelligence Consulting

BI advisory services include reviewing the existing data management practices, elaborating on the BI implementation or improvement roadmap, data governance setup, BI solution conceptualization, architecture design, and tech solution, and BI solution cloud migration supervision.

Business Intelligence Implementation

SKEIN experts deliver a full-scale BI solution tailored for your business needs by conceptualizing the BI solution and designing its architecture, conducting BI needs analysis, setting up data quality management, data security, master and metadata management, BI solution quality assurance, and developing the BI solution components.

Business Intelligence as a Service

SKEIN provides a fully configured BI platform backed by cloud service providers for in-cloud business analysis. Our experts help with infrastructure deployment and management. They also help with fast access to intelligence insights and predictable consumption-based pricing.

Business Intelligence Support and Evolution

SKEIN experts help businesses meet BI needs and optimize BI cost and performance by offering development support, troubleshooting at the code level, evolution by adding new data sources, creating new reports, and administrative support.

Data Visualization

Data visualization is most important to business success. It includes aiding your executives in interpreting key results and performance on interactive, real-time dashboards to breaking down complex algorithms that are otherwise impossible to understand as rows of numbers and texts.

Data Modernization

Experts at SKEIN provide an integrated data management solution built to ensure flawless execution of digital transformation initiatives. Enterprises can now effectively realize their data-to-value goals to deliver a seamless and superior end-user experience.

Key Business Analytics Skills of Our Experts

The business analytics experts at SKEIN help understand the current trends, predict the future accurately, and analyze and combat risks, in advance. Our Analytics experts bring agility to your data landscape, helping you cater to all business exigencies. They utilize next-generation technologies to help design BI and analytics applications that aid businesses boost ROI by drawing 360-degree insights about business, customers, products, and markets.

Mastery of BI Tools

Our experts have vast experience in areas related to configuring existing BI solutions or developing new ones. They have extensive knowledge in scripting languages, Python, data visualization, ETL/ELT processes, data warehouse architecture, data formatting, etc.

Solid Command of Programming

Since BI solutions are available on various platforms, our experts have a solid command of the most common programming abilities and languages. They know that developing skills will vary depending on the assignment or project.

Proficiency in Data Analysis

A business analyst's primary activity is converting data into usable information so businesses may make more lucrative decisions. SKEIN experts have excellent analytical skills. So much so that they can see connections and make sense of the information they are given.

Good with Communication Tools

While working with business analytics, communication is one of the most important soft tools. Our analysts can describe the data, explain the analysis, and propose viable solutions. This includes explaining difficult technical facts to those, not in the business intelligence field.

Aware of the Trends of a Specific Industry

As business analytics experts, our team thoroughly understands the industry they are working with. This allows them to understand better and utilize the data they study and provide more useful solutions to executives. The industry knowledge includes Best BI practices, industry trend analysis, relationships with influencers, the impact of economic cycles on industries, etc.

Good in Problem Solving

Our BI experts are not only someone who can evaluate data, but they can also provide executive solutions based on that data. They can identify and prioritize problem areas, weigh alternative solutions, estimate the cost for interventions, propose solutions, determine factors that contribute to problems, and persuade others to adopt solutions.

Choose The Right Model To Hire Business Intelligence Experts

Trusted BI Experts

Hire the best and most trusted BI experts from SKEIN who are focussed on leveraging your organization’s data to extract insights for powerful decision making.

Monthly Basis BI Experts

Hiring Monthly Basis BI experts from SKEIN is an effortless process. If you are looking to hire BI developers on a cringe budget, this is the right business model.

Hourly Basis BI Experts

If you are not sure about the scope of the project and need BI experts to work as the requirements crop up, this is the best engagement model. You simply pay for hours of work done with no additional cost of upgrading. 

Frequently asked questions

Find some frequently asked questions by our clients when they engage with the business intelligence development services from Skein Technologies

The main role of a business intelligence developer is to develop, deploy, and maintain BI tools and interfaces. They are also responsible for simplifying highly technical language and complex information into layman’s language for everyone in the organization to understand.

BI experts will help your business with faster and more accurate reporting, analysis, or planning, better business decisions, improved employee satisfaction, and improved data quality. They make it easy for decision makers to get the information quickly and empower them to make informed decisions.  BI experts will also help reduce cost, increase revenues, and reduce IT headcount.

The key services offered by Skein Technologies for business intelligence include business intelligence consulting, business intelligence implementation, business intelligence as a service, business intelligence support, and evolution, data visualization, and data modernization. Skeintech also offers business intelligence architecture, data analytics, and data modeling. 

Business intelligence hiring rates vary depending on the type of service you require. There are dedicated services, monthly services, and hourly services. Based on your work requirements hire the appropriate business intelligence developer. For more information on the hiring process or the costs contact Skeintech today.

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